Wednesday, October 20, 2004

  • The Extension of Consciousness
  •      The extension of consciousness is perhaps its most illuminating aspect. Consider that all around you is an atmosphere of thought into which you are thinking one hundred percent of the time everyday. This atmosphere is composed entirely of what you are listening to both consciously and unconsciously. What is unconscious is farther away from you by definition because it is hidden. What is conscious to you are your every day intentions. Those things you think about because you want to think about them. This is what is closest to you. The process of alchemy for those who are seeking wisdom is to make the far, near. It is to make the unconscious conscious, and the hidden revealed. The way to accomplish this alchemy is to train yourself to always be thinking about what you want to think about. Choosing your thoughts sets up the pattern inside of your awareness to awaken the sleeping parts of you, to reveal the hidden depths of your being, and to bring close to you that which you would like to see and experience in your life. This alchemical process then becomes the panorama of your thoughts becoming form. Consciousness is then being extended by all of this transformations that are taking place. Still there is more.
         Look out at the world. Consider yourself. Consider the world. How are you seeing this world? What do you expect of it? How does it appear to you in this moment? Think about this. Your perception of the world is what your surroundings are made up of. Is it a cruel world? Then this is what is reflected. Is it a loving world? There. This will be returned to you. The question comes up as to how can this be? It cannot be any other way. We must fill the world with our perception and intention for being. Then we will live inside of this intentional being.
         How can we effect such transformations in our world that it begins to conform with the quality of our thinking? It is easier than we could imagine. The answer is obvious. There it is staring us in the face. All we have to do is accept the world as being exactly what we want. We tell the world how it is to us and the world responds in kind. There are some who are afraid of this world but it is their fear that made the world this way for them. It is their fear which keeps the world at a distance and shuts them off from the beneficence all around them. Let go of fear and embrace the beneficence of a world that responds to your every intention. Give your world a bountiful harvest coming from the thoughts you are thinking. Make up your mind to always think good thoughts. Think only those thoughts that you would have return to you. Your thoughts are seeds, your intention is the fertilizer. The world of thought is the ground into which these seeds are sown. The water is your emotion overflowing with good, sustaining and building the energy of awakening through which every thought comes into form.
         The extension of consciousness is to know that you are an integral part of the whole. The ultimate extension of consciousness is to become the whole. Put yourself into the way you would like to be seen by the world. There are no independent authorities giving their views. It is your view, the totality of the way you are which makes the events and experiences all take place in your life.
         Make the world into the image into which you want to live. When you think of your future. When you think about how things are going to be. These are the images of your life that you are making. It however doesn't stop there. When you are thinking about any person place or thing, these too are the images into which your future flows.
         Remain one step ahead of yourself. Fill your future with promise by making your now count for all that it is worth. Make time to shape the images of your world. Take care to allow your world to be itself by becoming everything that you are. Put your thoughts of the life you would want to lead into the world and shape the visions accordingly. Do not wait for random turns. Make the expectant choice which is to say that this world is as I see it and I choose to see it good in every way. All of my interactions with my fellow beings I choose to see as wonderful experiences. There is a loving feedback loop which I am a part of. It follows me wherever I go. I watch the flowers open in love to my glance. They return their fragrance fully feeling the caress of my love for them.
         Everything is as I expect it to be. This expectation is in fact the extension of consciousness carried out to its ultimate level which is unity with the whole. Oneness. The I AM of being. God Consciousness. I cannot be a part of everything unless I accept myself through everything. I accept the world into my view and color the world with the clothing of my thoughts so that I may recognize myself and know myself wherever I am.


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