Sunday, June 18, 2006

One Continuous Flow of Being.

There is always something more to be reached for. Creation continues ad infinitum. There is never an end. Transformations are frequent. Understanding grows as does the facility during which we are aware of the ongoing process. Creation is a part of us. It moves within us day by day in the processes that sustain our bodies and surround us with the all embracing unity of all that is. Yes G-d lies beyond all descriptions and praises that we may speak however, we are always growing closer in our participation in terms of our conscious awareness of this creation happening all at once within us and around us. Even the descriptions that are currently sent forth within the span of these words and the time that is taken to write them are all a part of the openings that occur within our touch point of awareness so that we may co-create in conjunction with that which we aspire to in the fullness of connection. What is this connection? It is the contact we have within so that we know we are never alone. Call it the one voice that speaks through many tongues in every language. We sometimes hear this voice as an inspiration and may not be aware that the source of the inspiration comes from an inner spiritual source. As we ask for inspiration and fulfillment spiritual forces are called into play to make all of this happen in accordance with the direction that our thoughts are focused upon at the time of their calling out for the answer or the fulfillment of a prayer. Everything is connected and all beings are connected by virtue of this voice within that only knows what we think into it in response to what we feel about this voice. We cannot deny this voice. Our thoughts will come no matter what but we must realize that there does not have to be any distance between our thought and the corresponding impetus that inspires this thought. What this means is that we can learn how to accept our inspirations as a matter of fact and then come to count upon them in the moment making for a life that is full of connection in one continuous flow of being.

Time is often associated with the distance between the inspiration and the physical appearance in form of the resultant of this inspiration. Ironically this difference between cause and effect is really caused by the quality of self that this inspiration is coming to and going through. Time is an illusion that we have been taught throughout the years. Time does not have to be. That more than anything else is the one concept that can free up the mind is allowing both inspiration and reflection to simultaneously appear. This takes practice because of the unconscious programming that the illusion of time has been teaching you. Direct your thoughts to those openings that exist within. They are there forever for your constant discovery.


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