Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Bahir 148

That which has been hidden is now revealed.

Verse 148. And it is written (Habakkuk 3:4) , "He has rays from His hand, and His hidden force is there." What is "His hidden force"? This is the light that was stored away and hidden, as it is written (Psalm 31:20), "[How great is the good] that You have hidden away for those who fear You, [that You have accomplished for those who find shelter in You]." What remains for us in that which "You have accomplished for those who find shelter in You." These are the ones who find shelter in Your shadow in this world, who keep Your Torah, observe Your Commandments, and sanctify Your name, unifying it secretly and publicly. The verse thus concludes, "in the sight of the sons of man."

Commentary: What is revealed is the hidden force of the light of Kabbalah. What is this light? It is both the inspired light and the revealed light. The inspired light from Elohim and the revealed light through YHVH. Both Elohim and YHVH are channels of energy transformation seen first from the initial outpouring of light YHVH and then the made light or what was made of the light through YHVH. These symbols are ways of looking the inner world of manifestation and transformation. They are also a method for attuning our attention directly to YHVH as it flows in and around us and then connects us through the art of communication with each other. What is connecting is the awareness of YHVH. It is the lifeforce that seeks expression and recognition due to the nature of its internal being. Once we bond with that internal being or once we connect to YHVH our world must therefore expand into the areas in which we've been thinking. This is the mode of propagation that spirit (YHVH) takes in taking form. The shadow of YHVH is none other than our very selves. Look at it this way. First man is made in the image and likeness of Elohim but still there is no form until the dust takes the form of man through YHVH. What is the relationship of YHVH to man? Man is the shadow cast by the light of YHVH. It is the purpose of man to reflect this light through the acts of his intention. When this intention is in keeping the Torah (remembering the Kabbalah of Elohim and YHVH and their relationship)and sanctifying the name (recognizing that YHVH is that which is on high as inner guide and the image and likeness of Elohim the mystery ever present) then this is where we find shelter. This shelter is the state of being that is surrounded by good taking part in creation while expanding our thoughts in the direction of our good. The unification that takes place secretly is in every understanding that we get from Torah that isn't spoken of in terms of our sharing but is rather meant as a personal enlightenment. Torah in this sense includes every teaching that we receive as life lessons. The public unification is when we discuss or teach Torah and promote further awakenings not only in our students but also in ourselves as well.

We live to express YHVH or the inner presence of unity that constantly seeks after its own. Through acts of sharing and meditation our focus is open to YHVH and the expansion of consciousness ensues.


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