Friday, June 16, 2006

Bahir 146

Our heart's desire comes next. It is the thing itself.

146. The sixth one is the Throne of Glory, crowned, included, praised and hailed. It is the house of the World to Come, and its place is in Wisdom . It is thus written (Genesis 1:3), "And God said, `Let there be light,' and there was light."

Commentary: There you are right in the middle of what you want to become. Nothing absolutely nothing could be better. Here is Tiphereth the symbol of that which you most fervently desire. Of course it is praised, crowned and hailed. The clear picture is given here so that you will know the complete feeling of the fulfillment of your heart's desire. Therefore it must be the World to Come because what comes out of your meditations are the experiences that are derived from these meditations i.e. the World to Come. Your heart's desire comes from the ability to discern initially the focal point of the expression of your Good symbolized by Wisdom where thought in a sense makes up your mind in terms of the direction you need to go. Yes your heart's desire or Tiphereth is in Wisdom. It resides there unclear the clear focus takes place proving the certainty of this heart's desire moving your thoughts and feelings along to be ready to accept the manifestations of all of your heart's desires. The best is always yet to come. In the beginning and all along the way there is the manifestation of light, the light of your heart's desire, the light of the truth of your thoughts becoming things as you meditate and reflect on their deeper meanings unifying those thoughts with the Tree of Life. Here at the Center 'Let there be light and there was light.' Of course. If not here where would this manifestation of the certainty of your expression take place but in the heart of your fervent wishes. This light is the knowledge that flows from above to below and then continues on its way unbroken until it reaches satisfaction and fulfillment.

Remember that everything that we do is a magical operation and is imbued with the holiness from Above to Below. Each time we focus on our heart's desire and feel its fulfillment we are located perfectly aspected inside of Tiphereth where the certainty of expression is unparalleled in its relationship to the Tree of Life. This is the place to make your stand, to cast off doubts and accept the reality of your destiny.


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