Friday, June 16, 2006

Transformation within the mind is the secret of discovery.

Fulfill your mind. Rise up through the corner of your soul. The point being to make this connection effortless and always in the moment. There is a subtle shift in your thinking that takes place in order to allow you to temporarily let go of your worldly focus. When you do so you will find that thought doesn't always proceed in a straight line. Although the destination for thought is always the same when viewed form the central reality of being the pathways are numerous that will take you there. Because of this a free association of thought will often reveal a surprisingly greater amount of light than a focus that insists on maintaining its primarily directional impetus. Keep moving in this way always on the edge of your discovery. It is on this edge that the horizons are most clear and where you will gain the ability to move easily from one level to another.

The core of thought transforms the worlds through which it travels. It happens in this way. As you are thinking the way is being prepared ahead of you for thought to enter and unify with. The main thrust of thought is your seeking of the Tree of Life central to the reality of Eternal becoming and beyond the worldly passings to and fro. Transformations occur because of the unifying influence that thoughts are naturally imbued with. Then there is the making of the form of which you are a part of. The form moves and interchanges energy for substance and vice a versa.


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