Thursday, June 15, 2006

Something New

Ideas have to be placed inside of an environment where they may freely grow. This is the ideal nature of thought to be unhindered by any doubt or negative thought which is simply a reversal of thought and a spiraling down into entropy. The way to avoid this kind of pitfall is to always allow thought to seek its own level. For example. When studying Torah there are the prescribed midrash of those who have studied before. While their study is beneficial it is not the end all for this process. Torah is designed so that anyone who has the intention of discovering a new take on a particular passage is encouraged to do so. Since Torah attaches itself directly to the Tree of Life even the attempts at self revelation are worthy of the effort. The old school of thought says that you must be a master of this and and ordained to do that. This kind of restriction causes unneccessary veils to be placed over Torah. In this day and age all of these old school restrictions are examples of entropy which seeks to stop the revelations that are there for all in Torah. That is why I have taken it upon myself to seek answers in Torah according to the way I happen to look at the world. I come from a place within that tells me that everything that I am studying in Torah can be broken down into a study of the working of Mind and Matter and the interrelationships which they must by nature of their attractions for each other share. So that when Moses leaves the land of Egypt with Israel following him for example this is an opportunity to interpret this passage in the following way. Moses is our highest thought which leads Israel a collection of our whole field of thinking into another realm of thinking i.e. the Promised Land. This kind of transformation of Mind goes on all the time. Whenever we have any kind of insight into the nature of the way things work or the mystery of our lives we are able to use this revelation to affect all areas of Mind and not just concentrate on the particular actions which have brought about these revelations. So what I am describing here is how Torah may reveal in its own way through your own understanding the way things work in your life and most immediately to be sure the way your thoughts have a tendency to think and this tendency influences all of your actions for good.

It is then the very action of Mind that determines everything that takes place in your life. The purpose then of Torah is for Mind to link up to the Tree of Life. What is this Tree of Life? Well specifically we could call it a representation of the Ten Sephiroth throughout the Four Worlds or we could simply say that the Tree of Life represent the unity of thought that we are aspiring to by reaching up for higher levels of understanding along the way. Each time we ask a question and think about or meditate upon the answer we are invoking a special kind of energy of focus. This energy of focus operates almost independently of thought. It is a quality of Mind or of the way thoughts unify that when we ask that question the answer begins to come near. In fact the answer is attracted to the question. When we persist in our focused vision by thinking about our question and expecting a suitable answer the answer will then make its appearance sometimes in obvious ways and other times in ways so subtle and mysterious that we will have to be on the alert to recognize it when it comes.

Look at the Tree of Life in another way. Imagine that your thoughts are the sap that runs to and through this Tree of Life. When we are grounded in the world of Assiyah the material world our thoughts rarely make the connection that will raise them on high. We can however, raise our awareness through meditation on higher matters so that the sap rises and wends it ways through the myriad paths along the limbs and leaves of the Tree of Life until one day we arrive at the Center what I am calling our heart's desire. It is here we see the connection between what we desire with all of our heart and what is desired of us in return. There is a mutual flash of recognition that blends itself into the Unity of Thought where this center of Life is contained. There are times when we are inspired and seem to travel directly to this center bypassing all of those myriad pathways. Even if our experience turns out to be short lived we are still given a taste of this Tree of Life and we are inspired to continue our quest within the areas of our own self discovery.

Sometimes there is a rhyme that fits itself so perfectly inside the land of melody I can hear it when I sing.
Songs that teach higher worlds to go within and seek the truth to feel the words become so smooth when I meditate I know.

There are places just beyond this world that always will be there and you'll find yourself still climbing still like lovers taste each kiss.

Yes something new for there must be a way inside this mystery it asks but to let your mind go to find itself again.


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