Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Bahir 145

The pulses of light are refreshed by the influx of the transformative beneficent energy of Chesed. It is soft and as yet mostly unrefined. Reaching out now towards Gevurah the energy of light begins to assume the shapes of our heart's desire. Discernable forms appear.

Verse 145. What is the fifth? The fifth is the great fire of the Blessed Holy One> Regarding this it is written (Deuteronomy 18:16) , "Let me see the great fire no more, lest I die." This is the Left Hand of the Blessed Holy One. What are they? They are the Chaioth ha-Qadesh and the holy Seraphim , to their right and their left. They are the "pleasant ones" which ascend higher and higher, as it is written (Ecclesiastes 5:7), "And ones higher than they." It is also written (Ezekiel 1:18), "And as for their height, they had height, and they had fear, and their height was filled with eyes, around the four." And around Him are angels. Those around them also bow down before them, kneeling and declaring, "The Lord He is God, the Lord He is God."

Commentary: Happiness is our cheapest luxury and yet it is the hardest to purchase even with our most valuable asset, our ability to change our mind.The Great Fire is where the flaming sword in the garden turns this way and that. It is the sword of discrimination, the sword that distinguishes between the Tree of Life and the illusion of death. The Tree of Life is symbolized but our feelings about our heart's desire as we move ever closer to it. The illusion of death is where we make ourselves believe that we cannot fulfill our heart's desire and therefore stop even trying. The ultimate goal of death is ironically that of awakening into a world where not are our heart's desires realized we are also able to view with the proper perspective every aspect of our struggle in terms of where we resisted and where we let go to allow our good to become a reality for us. The verse above says, 'let me see the Great Fire no more.' The Great Fire is where we are purified of our negative decisions. It is painful to come face to face with something you have always believed in only to find out it is meaningless in terms of the weight of your soul.

The voices of the Pleasant Ones speak in rhymes with music coursing forth from within the essence of their songs. Hear what they have to say.

Move forward in your own mind past the illusions that there you will find.
Rise above the general sight and watch the hidden secret light.
Move with certainty once you wend your way
Hear the voice above and listen to what will say.

Height and fear are the two characteristic drawing qualities that all angelic responses contain. They point to where the holiness resides and dictate exactly the manner in which holiness should be approach. This fear which we know to be awe means that we are expecting the unknown to become known every moment in our self discovery. This awe is our way of already giving thanks for such wondrous insights as are being given due to our internal course. The road is set before us as we go along. Each higher thought sets another golden brick along the path we are taking. Thought moves through form dispersing illusions wherever they are encountered. Illusions have no direction other than by bonding together with like vibrations, however, these like vibrations will never be duplicated or enhanced so that any higher thought completely unhinges the vibrations of illusion dispersing them like the shard or klippot that they are and making room for the new light to grow the truth that torah speaks within the pages of its infinite discovery.

'Their height was filled with eyes around the four.' This refers to thoughts which continuously rise to meet the holy one as in the angels that go around about the holy one B'H" This holy one represents the unity of thought or the unity that thought is ever striving to attain to. The eyes are the openings that thoughts seek or that angels seek in finding their perfect level of vibration. The four are the angels of awareness that are eternal in their seeking and adjudication of thought as it rises above. We know that they are angels because in the next verse it says 'around there are angels.' Think about the capacity of thought to remember and to bond with like thought and then envision how from the beginning the highest thoughts have always sought each other forming the 'angels of holiness' signified by the four angels

To my right Michael and to my left Gabriel, in front of me Uriel and behind me Raphael, and over my head God's Shekhinah ["the presence of God"]." From the Kriat Shma, prayer recited before the Shma when going to sleep

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'The Lord He is God, the Lord He is God.' This refers to the ultimate decision maker residing in the heart of your soul. Where Judgement is concerned we must find out about and emulate that supreme connection with the Lord or your heart's desire so that from the inside out you may come to know this Lord and the association of Lord (YHVH) with G-d (Elohim.


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