Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Places on High

'Where the waters run the rivers will flow.'

Choose the thought stream that you may attach yourself to. Make your choices way up on high. Let go of all negative influences. Feel the wind at your back. Know that in this moment you are connected on high.

If you restrict desire this will produce power like the compression of the combustion engine.

The real question is how to direct this power.

Intention produces invention by your continual focus on a solution. Invention opens the new roadways where you must travel to in writing the map moment by moment. The solution is your destination, your heart's desire.

Along the way course corrections must constantly be made until you are well underway and then momentum will help to carry you to this destination. Still momentum is never enough because you will always need to reaffirm your destination making sure that you aren't put off course by last minute obstructions. Up until the moment you arrive you must intend to hit the mark perfectly. There can be no let up. If you pay attention during the journey you will then have a road map at the end that you may modify for your next journey.

Many will arrive at their destination innately not knowing quite how they made it. Then when they start out on another journey they are surprised at the delays taking place. No map was provided because they failed to pay attention along the way the first time.

You can have what you want your heart's desire but you do have to pay attention. One more thing. Your heart's desire has to resonate within your being with the full force of your heart and mind and soul. In other words you have to really want it. If this is true then you will remember each day to keep going for it until it comes to you.

{Man may be insignificant from one perspective, but his importance is cosmic from another.
"I am dust and ashes" expresses on view.
"The universe was created on my account," expresses the second.} ---Tanya 18th Century


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