Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Bahir Verse 133-134

An interesting point is discussed to further clarify the 'glory of God.'

Bahir 133. Is this "glory of God" then not one of His hosts? Is it not inferior? Why then do they bless it? But what is this like? A man had a beautiful garden. Outside the garden but close to it, he had a nice section of field. On this section, he planted a beautiful flower garden. The first thing that he would water would be his garden. The water would spread over the entire garden. It would not reach the section of field however, since it was not attached, even though it was all one. He therefore opened a place for it and watered it separately.

Commentary: We see by our definition of the 'glory of God' that it is apprehended by a feeling. It is that something which fills us with inspiration and expands our sense of connection. It is a separate portion of G-d's holiness yet it operates within its own sense of purpose. When we are blessing G-d for our food, shelter, our money, our health, all of these form a pattern of thankfulness for the responses that we have received to our prayers. Our blessings each day make this pattern continuous as we take every opportunity to recognize G-d in our lives. In the verse what is being blessed is the 'glory of God.' We are recognizing and asking to be a continuous part of this Glory of God in order that we may feel the connection and then shower our prayers with the length and breadth of this feeling of connection.

More is revealed in the following verse:

134. Rabbi Rahumai said: Glory (Kavod) and Heart (Lev) both have the same [numerical value, namely 32]. They are both one, but Glory refers to its function on high, and Heart refers to its function below. "God's glory" and the heart of heaven" are therefore both identical.

Commentary: Through gematria Glory and Lev are related. The glory of God and the heart of heaven are one in the same as the verse explains. Its function on high perceived as Glory is the essence of that feeling when it first comes into our awareness. The heart of heaven is when this feeling expands and fills us with the unity of connection. What is this like? There was a King who had a daughter he never saw but was always in touch with and she resembled him in every way except that she was female and that her quarters were at the far end of the kingdom. The daughter was loved by everyone around her and inspired those in her presence to love one another and to bless the daughter whose love and kindness was felt by all. Their blessings for the daughter radiated to the King who in turn radiated love and fullness to his daughter as the people all partook of the bounty of this plentitude of blessings.


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