Monday, May 08, 2006

Bahir Verse 132

Keep in mind that from here on in we are stepping deeply inside of the comprehension of our connection with Hashem.

Bahir 132. What is the meaning of "from His place"? This indicates that none know his place. This is like a royal princess who came from a far place. People did not know her origin, but they saw that she was a woman of valour, beautiful and refined in all her ways. They said, "She certainly originates from the side of light, for she illuminates the world through heer deeds." They asked her, "From where are you?" She replied, "From my place." They said, "If so, the people of your place are great. May you be blessed, and may your place be blessed."

Commentary: "From His place" refers to the unseen essence that we are connecting with. It is the experience of loving HaShem deeply and with passion. It is the ultimate embrace that consciousness can engender. The beautiful princess is described in terms that make her especially desirable so much so that people want to know where would such a beauty come from. If you were to see your friend laughing with joy and embracing another friend you would go over to inquire as to their emotions. Once there they might tell you that they found a fortune. When you asked where they could say 'oh it is somewhere over there.' You would marvel and think this was such a wonderful place. It would be somewhere that you wanted to go. Then you would search for this place because the proof of its existence was that your two friends had already found it.

This place is blessed because it is the source of all blessings. The blessings are simply then a recognition of this source and a calling forth of the quality of blessings from within. The people in this case are your thoughts that study Truth, torah, higher wisdom, mitvahs and as a result of this higher contemplation you then find the source of these blessings is always within you.


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