Monday, April 17, 2006

State of Mind - Bahir Verse 123-124

Now here is the thing. Consciousness operates on many levels. Usually we think of the either the subconscious or unconscious mind and the conscious or active mind. There is also a concept of the superconscious or higher mind. It is convenient to group the activity in Mind in this way however the actual working consciousness is more of a blend of all the in between states of mind. Each level in mind is both awake and asleep. What is awake to one is asleep to another. Another way of looking at this is to say that when we are in a certain state we are aware within this level but relatively unaware of the other levels simultaneously occurring around us. Each understanding or inspiration we have opens up then the subsequent levels of attainment. The flow of the energy of consciousness is being described. In similar fashion the ten Sephiroth in the four worlds may also be described. In this next section the Sephiroth are discussed . Keep in mind as we go through each verse this context of the energy of consciousness flowing through you and the world you live in.

Bahir Verse 123. Rabbi Amorai said: What is the meaning of the verse (Leviticus 9:22) , "And Aaron raised up his hands to bless the people, and he blessed them and he descended [from making the sin offering, the burnt offering, and the peace offerings]."? Did he not already descent? But he descended "from making the sin offering, the burnt offering, and the peace offerings," and then "Aaron raised up his hands to bless the people." What is the meaning of this raising [of hands]? It was because he had offered a sacrifice and brought them before their Father in heaven, as we have said. Those who offer sacrifice must elevate them, [and those who] unify them [must] unify them among these. And; what are they? The people, as it is written "to the people." [This means] "for the sake of the people."

Commentary: The blessing takes place always in the land of our highest aspirations and therefore must emanate from certainty. These sacrifices enumerated above refer to what we need to let go of subconsciously before we may attempt to bring the highest into our lives. We let go of our fears, doubts and ultimately of the status quo that is grooving those conditions we seek to change through the operation of prayer. Following the presentation of the prayers or blessings Aaron who is the intermediary here between the above and the below, the idealized and the formalized has offered the prayers in a time honored sequence of events.

First we let go of our preconceptions, misconceptions and all negative thoughts (the sacrifices) When these sacrifices are offered they are absorbed into the greater consciousness of I am no longer capable then of bearing life or the fruit of their inner nature. This is where the hands are raised symbolizing our co-creation with the Perpetual One. Hands are given the task of forming the not only the images of our prayers but also to physically take part in their demonstration.

Secondly the prayers are sent forth first as images and then surrounded by words of repetition that form a groove which frames the images. Here is where the unification between intention and projection take place. Think of an arrow being launched at its optimum moment. This moment is where our Intention is unified with what we intend to happen. It unifies Certainty with its appearance in form.

Third, the descent from prayer is its first phase in becoming a part of our daily experience. This is where the thoughts of prayer unify with our everyday world including our thoughts about this world. Prayer thoughts acts as seeds and fertilizer which perform the function of changing what is into what we intend it to be.

The Sephiroth delineate a cycle of manifestation over time, over space and in between the dimensions of both. Verse twenty three begins this process by collecting our attention and focusing it towards prayer and sacrifice. The meanings I've given are to help you understand the contextual nature of both so that when mind is considering its meanings for the day it will be clear in what direction we are going. These ideas continue in the next verse.

Verse 124. Why are the hands lifted when they are blessed in this manner? It is because the hands have ten fingers, alluding to the Ten Sephiroth with which heaven and earth were sealed. These parallel the Ten Commandments. In these Ten are included the 613 Commandments. If you count the letters in the Ten Commandments, you will find that there are 613 letters. They contain all 22 letters except Teth , which is missing in them. What is the reason for this? This teaches us that Teth is the belly; and in not included among the Sephiroth.

Commentary: As we have already alluded to the hands are the co-creative symbols of both the connection we make by reaching up for prayer and the descent we make in making our prayers come true. Listen to this verse in Isaiah 29:23 When he seeth his children, the work of My hands, in the midst of him, that they sanctify My name; yea, they shall sanctify the Holy One of Jacob, and shall stand in awe of the God of Israel. Isaiah further explains how we figuratively reach up for heaven and make this connection that we are seeking. The children spoken of are those thoughts that have unified with our heart's desire. It is this unification that is the all important key to every manifestation of prayer. Santifying the name is the act of so increasing your certainty that it takes on a higher spiritual calling and then out of this elevated state the forms then come into view. The Sephiroth are spoken about in terms of how everything in heaven and earth are sealed. This sealing is the determination for not only the parameters of prayer but also the designations for the forms to be subsequently produced. The Ten Commandments and the Ten Sephiroth are interrated as well as each containing the 613 Commandments. The Ten Sephiroth can be likened to ten dimensions of dispersion in terms of how our ideation goes through the various stages in its demonstration. If you add six one and three you also come up with ten. As we go through each Sephiroth we will see their relationships to the standing Tree of Life and by reflection man's body seen in the Vitruvian man of Leornardo Da Vinci.

Teth is the belly. It is the force that fulfills the energy conduits of the Sephiroth. Teth by virtue of being the Serpent force coiled within sets the impetus for all of this energy of creation into motion. The Tree of Life lives inside of us. It is a representation of the order that we may achieve within our consciousness and on a higher level is the template for all of our connections with holiness.


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