Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Bahir Verse 104

Verse 104 is full of complexity yet there appears to be a central thread running through.

Bahir Verse 104. The disciples asked Rabbi Eliezer: Our master, what is the meaning of the verse (Exodus 13:2), "Sanctify to Me every first-born"? Does the Blessed Holy One then have a first-born? He replied: "Sanctify to Me (Li) every first-born" refers to nothing other than the second level of holiness. It is the name that is given to Israel, as it is written (Exodus 7:22), "My son, My first-born, Israel." To the extent that we can express it, He was with them [in Egypt] in the time of their oppression. It is therefore written (Exodus 4:27), "Send forth My son and he will serve Me." [Here, only "My son" is mentioned,] and not "My first-born." Rabbi Rahumai said: What is the meaning of the verse (Deuteronomy 22:7), "You shall surely send away the mother, and the children you shall take for yourself." Why does it not say, "You shall surely send away the father"? But the scripture says, "you shall surely send away the mother" in honour of the one who is called the Mother of the World. It is thus written (Proverbs 2:3), "For you shall call Understanding a Mother."

Commentary: This begins with a blessing-'sanctify to Me,' and then ends with a reference to Binah or the third Sephiroth called Understanding or the Mother of the World. All things come through Understanding. The first born is the initial inspiration that is taken from the highest thoughts. It is divinely inspired which is why it is made holy by our attention to its holiness. Israel is the first born it says above. Israel is the promised land made into an actual living state of being. It is the self aware man, the self aware nation that knows the effects of its actions and strives to do right by itself. There is always an act that begins the holy process. This act is the Father initiating the spark of light that then pulses through the Great Mother and then into e world of manifestation.

The promise revealed was at first concealed and suppressed in the Egypt of the unconsciousness only liberated there by the Revelation symbolized by the Ten Commandments or the rocks of remembrance. These rocks of memory cast aside the illusions of separation and unite you with your highest self. What they are telling us here is to listen with intention in order to bring through liberating force of your manifest being. The old paradigm of repetition and having things put upon you must be cast aside. They are giving us a template for creation in this verse as well as throughout the Bahir alluding to it here and directly pointing it out there. It says 'Send forth my son and he will serve me.' Your intention organizes and frames the thoughts which gather together the energy of manifestation. Unlike building clay models this shaping of thought does not accrue over time. Thought shaping may only be fashioned with the chisel of your intention. What you are aiming to accomplish is to open up more and more of your awareness so that you will be able to emcompass the totality of your being. Once you are established in this totality you will be able to pick and choose the life you lead.

'Send away the mother.' The verse reads in full: thou shalt in any wise let the dam go, but the young thou mayest take unto thyself; that it may be well with thee, and that thou mayest prolong thy days. We are talking about a bird that is nesting here. It says that you can take the fruit of the dam or mother in this case which are her eggs but not the mother who produced the eggs. Yes you will always be able to eat of the fruit of your own manifestations. You cannot take away that which brings these manifestations into seed or egg form. You cannot send away the gate through which your good passes through which is the great mother in this case. A distinction is herein made because we are being shown a door through which all things come into being.

Summary: The door to our own connection to holiness is opened by the certainty of our intention. Keep saying yes to your heart's desire promoting it forward into the realm of your manifest being. Recognize that it isn't the thing itself you are trying to see but it is the doorway of holiness through which it passes that must be maintained in our focus area. This doorway of focus contains the phrase:
"I know I can and I will let pass through the energy of my heart's desire." This line of thinking continues in verse 105 which states it more clearly and gives it the garment of the Great Mother Understanding that we need to know in order to work with these matters in a practical way.

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