Sunday, January 22, 2006

A Joy Filled World

Today I stand midway between heaven and earth.
Wherever I walk it is the perfect place.

I used to keep my head in the clouds but I kept bumping into things.

The peace that rests upon the land is my peace.

Yes you will achieve your heart's desire. Remember that it is yours. Let no others interfere. You must stand fast and engender your own thoughts based upon what it is you want. Do not react to what the world is saying for it passes away all too quickly. What you will always have is your ability to change your mind and keep your focus. Nothing else matters.

If you are feeling sad and blue it is the way you are thinking about yourself that brings these ill feelings. Get with the program of your focused intention. Stick with it and then see how your mood will lift and then how ideas will flow.

This isn't something you learn and then have like two and two is four. This is a concept that must become second nature to you like breathing. Every day you'll take in whatever the world has to offer and make it good. Make this promise to yourself and remember.

Long after the ill feelings have passed your good will remain eternally refreshed each day by your focus on it.

There was a story long ago about Noah who warned people about the flood and then saved himself and his family by building an ark and taking two of every kind of life on earth into it to survive the flood. The flood? Noah? I have no idea whether they existed. In the original Aramaic the story was a symbol as the writing of the times and indeed all Semetic languages are symbolic in nature. The symbols refer to this. Noah is our dweller on the threshhold of what we take into our minds and think on. Noah is also a prophet and sees how our lives are affected by the thoughts we carry. Noah warns the people. The people are those thoughts which destroy, put down, and are generally bummer thoughts. Noah saves what he can which is the harmony of life, male and female, the animals so they may live again in a new world. The ark is that which we hold true and good within our hearts and minds. It carries our good from a place of decay into a new world of possibility. Today is that day to remember what you most truly desire. Hold it close to you and think well of it. Be thankful that you have something good to think about.

Wishing you a joy filled world



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