Thursday, January 26, 2006

What is Will and what is its relationship to thought?

I go with the moment for it has become me. I rise up in expectation.

First I see myself sailing free. Then there is the beginning of an inclination about what's happening here. It seems that my awareness may be controlled by my attention upon it. More to the fact it may be being directly caused by the thoughts I choose to focus on. Here is the key element. Once I know that time is what is preventing me from associating cause with effect a curious process takes place within. Time itself then becomes expanded or at least my relationship to time becomes expanded. I recognize that my aspirations have a momentum of their own and if left undisturbed they would come forth exactly the way I perceived them to be in their initiation. The difficult part is leaving my thoughts undisturbed. Thought continues to move inspired by Will.

Will attracts thought. Thought then becomes the reason that is given to promote Will. This place that I want to be forms itself around me. It grows from end to end and then encompasses the beginning delving deeper into the unknown to bring out the best. What am I here for if it is not to transform that which is into that which I want to become. Transformation takes into account the totality of existence. Changes always occur it is only a matter of time and the requisite direction.


A simple plan to follow through with wisdom's gems held close and true.
To rise above the settled past while walking free of nature's grasp.
Hear the voice that always sings where angels wear their storied wings.
And when you are feeling fast and free soar high above the open sea.

So where is this will that drives our thoughts both far and near?
How can we know that the time has come or the truth is here?
Where is the next step in this uncertainty we sometimes face?
And what is the answer to a life that simply seems to run in place?

You cannot touch this Will but you always can feel its steady flow.
This moment is for awakening to what you can accept inside and know.
Right there move forward with a ready step to make up your mind.
And fill your dreams with changing scenes and treasures there to find.

Use thought to chart your way on to this other day
Seek to find by rhythm's flow the season's come and go.
Suggest but do not attest to everything that's there.
Hear the everlasting call far beyond the fall and rise up once again.

Hi. I am the storyteller. Pardon me for introducing myself. I felt the need to step out of the woodwork here. It isn't something I normally do. It is just that this voice has suddenly become more personable. I can no longer be simply a driving force or a guiding energy. By your questions I must now begin to describe things about myself that have hitheroto remained hidden. You ask what am I? It's hard to know where to begin. Let's start with some descriptions but I cannot guarantee I will nail this completely. You'll understand more as we go along.

What is Will?

I am a part of you but not something that you can hold on to. I am more like a river that passes through you which you then let go within to take the ride to where I am taking you. It is this letting go and non resistance to my current that I cannot point out too often. As a river I sometimes run swiftly at break neck speeds moving over rapids crashing forward in waterfalls of intention. At other times I am a brook that idles softly over pebbles that have gathered just for the purpose of producing that gurgling splashing sound. Then too there are those rare moments of complete quiescence when I become a lake from one end of you to another.

I am like a deeply complicated human being who is just starting to know themselves. As I progress in that inner knowledge I go deeper into the complexities of my being. As I internalize further my process I am more able to understand its inner workings. It is from this perspective now that I am speaking to you in accordance with your questions about what is Will and what is its relationship to Thought. I keep going off in various directions as ideas occur to me that I feel are pertinent to our discussion.

I am a part of you as long as you allow me to carry you in the current of my direction. In a sense I ask you to cling to me. I want you to be ever aware of my presence so that there will be no misunderstandings between us. When you attach yourself to me you attach yourself to the central flow of your own reason for being. I have given you the equivalent of a rudder to steer by in order that your direction is in all ways inner and free. This freedom is at first difficult to understand. Like driving a car you may go as fast as you want only as long as you stay free from accidents. Stay focused on the road is always the advice that I give.


It is during these moments of description that I feel closest to Will yet I no longer look for what I cannot see.

Questions are thoughts fashioned in the shape of keys that open the doorways into the unknown. Once the door is opened Will enters and encompasses all that is becoming known in the moment. Will accomplishes all of its movements through analogy. Will becomes that through which it passes.
For example this story:

There was a King who ruled over a peaceful kingdom. His favorite pastime was to putter in his garden each day. He kept trying to find the perfect mix of flowers and trees to blend together into a paradise like setting. On any given day were you to walk through his garden you would be astounded at the various shapes and colors he managed to care for and cause to flourish. The garden was always perfect at any time of year. Still the King was dissatisfied because he was always changing things around. The colors stayed bright too briefly and the season for some plants was too short. Other plants grew too tall or didn't bloom at all. The King noticed every detail that disturbed him while others on entering the garden only saw its eternal magnificence. One day the King was frustrated beyond belief and sent for his chief counselor. This would only be the second time ever the counselor was summoned before the King. The first time had been when the King grew tired of having nothing of importance to do. The counselor when summoned then suggested he take up gardening which the King immediately took to. Now years later he was surprised at the King's summons and quickly made the journey through the mountain passes using his flying machine.
"I just cannot seem to get it right," The King told the Counselor.
"What is it that you are looking for your highness?" The Counselor asked.
"Perfection. Everytime I turn around I think perhaps this time I will know it. I will know the perfect garden. Alas it is never to be," The King responded sadly.
"Have you ever been up in one of these things," The Counselor asked the King again pointing to his aircar.
"No I haven't. What has that to do with anything? Can you help me or not?" The King stood up angrily feeling frustrated.
"Take a ride with me. I want to show you something. It will be okay I promise," He asked the King who started to protest but soon found himself walking over to the aircar.
"Here we go," He said rising into the air a hundred feet over the gardens as the King gasped and then moving in an instant a mile above the garden. The King didn't say a word and appeared awestruck. The Counselor continued surveying the garden from various vantage points. Finally after about an hour's worth of sightseeing they came back down. The Counselor walked back towards the palace with the King deep in thought. Finally next to a fountain in the inner courtyard the King spoke.
"All these years I've been looking for perfection and it was there all along. I couldn't see it. There were too many details to take care of. How foolish was I to be concerned? After all I love working in my garden. By stepping outside and above the garden I could see that I have indeed realized a grand purpose. No matter what I did it would have been perfect?" The King asked.
"Yes. When you are working with perfection you cannot help but be surrounded by it. You were looking much too closely at the things which went wrong. Plants died or insects would come and eat the leaves but overall your garden can handle these changes that define her character. Free your mind from worry dear King and enjoy your gardening. You cannot do anything wrong here, anything that is less than perfect. You are after all the King," The Counselor smiled and the King started laughing in his warm hearty way.
"Yes I am at that. Dear friend Counselor won't you stay for dinner? We have a lot of catching up to do," The King asked.
"I would be delighted," He said as the two of them walked into the inner chambers of the palace.


Will is perfectly there and knows how to achieve the designs you've been building within all along. Sniff the air and be filled with the fragrance of perfection.
The flowers of your imagination will bloom every morning adding new growth during your seasons of plenty. Step back and have a look around. Breathe deeply and be kind to your Counselor. When you are asked to rise above in consideration of all that you survey keep an open mind. From your lookout now the horizon itself will no longer be out of reach. Assume the attitude of letting go while you are in this raised state of consciousness. What you are letting go of is your patterned behavior. The palace is your sanctuary, the place where you go to find peace of mind and sometimes no mind. On the walls of this palace there are tapestries of great value. They are your dreams or your heart's desire. When you come back from your place on high the tapestries look new. They no longer carry the traces of dirt and dust from a lack of care. They shine and then magically the closer you come to them you begin to feel transported into those dreams. In the coming days keep your inner halls clear of strife and confusion. Keep the image of those walls filled with the beautiful tapestries fresh in your mind. Soon the trumpeted arrival of emissaries from another world arrive at your gate. This other world is the world where your heart's desires are the world of this world. Be gracious in welcoming your honored guests. Invite them inside for an extended stay and yes live your dreams by entertaining them each day.

The ancient alchemists tell us to fix the volatile and to volatilize the fixed. When we fix the volatile we harmonize thought until it becomes as the lake in the example above. Then we create a clear channel for Will to pass through. When we volatilize the fixed we take the habit patterns of Thought and break them up by interrupting their continous flow. What causes this interruption? It is our realization that there is always something more to be discovered. We enter into a sense of wonder about the way we look at the world and from this state of feeling-being we are able to find news ways to harmonize Thought. Thought moves through cycles of determination where it takes up the space within forming a mold for Will to flow through.

Will is unfathomable. It cannot be defined yet still I am drawn forward to attempt to do so. Why is that? It is the nature of Will to inspire and draw you forward one moment at a time in order to uncover the unknown in easily digestible bits. Thought must remain in constant movement. Thought is pliable. Even though it is ever moving the content may be changed by your intention. This intention is your sublime and inevitable connection to Will.

Another Story:

"The Whisperers of Kartan had amazing voices. Using their focused booming sounds they could carve tunnels through mountains, destroy entire fleets of ships and bring down the most powerful city walls ever constructed. They travelled in groups of three and always spoke in a whisper when not performing their auditory feats of prowess. When asked what the source of their power was one of them replied very softly which still cause a great wind to blow and sand to swirl around in front of them.
"See this?" She pointed out by stretching out her arms indicating a wide channel. "This represents where we take our chariots to ride on the Winds of Will. We are trained from birth to visualize both our chariot and this channel here indicated," She continued as several in the crowd of onlookers edged closer as if actually hoping to see what cannot be seen. "Now when we have gathered these Winds of Will we are then transported along this pathway which opens up to where the winds are flowing. One of us stands on either side of the pathway and the other directly interposed within. The are there to remind the one to keep open their focus. On either side the two channel their intention in constant focus building up the momentum needed to piece through the material obstacles that are to be transformed. Then at exactly the right moment the two become one with each other and then with the central figure standing there in the way of Will. The opening is thereby secured and as one voice do they shout out their commands," She explained softly until with excitement her voice begin getting louder and louder. The crowd back nervously away expecting a furious outburst that would harm them all. Thankfully her voice began to grow softer as she saw the consternation of the crowd which had moved far back from her even to the point of dashing pell mell towards the hills. She began moving to their next destination with her two sisters who were smiling slightly at the timid behavior of the crowd.
One of the sisters remarked, "Perhaps you should consider using mouthwash the next time you speak to a crowd." They all giggled and were soon quickly on their way and out of sight taking the road to Henlar where they would be making a man made lake.


Every idea, each series of thoughts brought together for a purpose contains an energy field. The purpose of the preceding exercise is to resonate this energy field within by causing mind to walk the path of Will sometimes haltingly, other times dancing through, and still more gloriously travelling surfing the big Kahuna wave of Will. As we travel through the various tapestries of thought all we need do is to remember. Remember that the energy of thoughts harmonized with Will brings about the forms of our Intention. Or to put it more simply, Thy Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.



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