Friday, January 13, 2006


Let's talk for a moment about the spiritual setpoint. It may be defined for our purposes as the range of focus that produces over time the continuos awakenings called revelations. These revelations allow us access to areas of our mind that have hitheroto been closed or blocked from investigation and use. I am not sure here whether we are referring to an actual physical place within or to a kind of shift in our perspective of dimensions. Something changes as a result of our inquiries and it is this change that our attention and focus are directed to. Once we find out more about where we are going more detailed information will become available.

What becomes apparent is that there is a breakthrough moment that occurs prior to any advance in awareness. The revelation comes upon us and it is then that we realize the entire field of our understanding has expanded.

There is a force in the universe which responds to my awareness of it and my subsequent use of it. It runs through me and is a part of me always. When I call upon it or remember to recognize it this is a precursor to the expanding field of awareness mentioned above.

It is a plastic force which is capable of evolving into the impressions that I place upon according to the way I think these impressions into the fabric of this plastic force. Everything that is made by this force is made by induction. It produces in kind the impressions it receives. We cannot see this force yet we can feel it as we feel the garments that we are wearing.


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