Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Bahir Verse 103

This next verse refers to what we were talking about in Verse 102 in terms of having our thoughts be of the highest in the moment. A method for prayer and thought is offered here. Let's see what these meaning confer upon us today.

Bahir Verse 103. Another explanation: It is written (Exodus 25:2) , "and they shall take for Me (Li) a lifted offering." [ Li (for Me) can also be read, "for the Yod. "] They shall take the Yod , which is the tenth, as a lifted offering to make it holy. How do we know that the tenth is holy? Because it is written (Leviticus 27:32) "The tenth shall be holy to God." What is holy? That regarding which it is written (Ezekiel 44:30), "The beginning of all the first fruits ... and every lifted offering of every thing." It is furthermore written (Psalm 111:10) , "The beginning of wisdom is the fear of God." Do not read "is the fear" but "and the fear." [The verse will then read, "The beginning is wisdom and the fear of God.]

Commentary: Essentially we are talking about a lifted offering. A lifted offering is that which we ascribe holiness to. It is where we send our prayers. It is the booster rocket of our thinking that then places our thoughts into the higher realms of being where the Mystery rules in unity. Ten is one raised through the power of ten. It is a new beginning brought forth as a result of One. This idea of a new beginning is reinforced by the verse from Ezekiel about. The first fruits refer to what comes about as a result of your prayers. We are being asked in continuation from verse 102 to raise our thoughts on high for the purpose of producing those first fruits. Again the reference to the ten and to the Yod are pointing to the ten Sephiroth as they produce from beginning to completion the world upon which we play. The Yod or Ten represents the generation of ideas that result in the completion of a new form. Therefore we may go from theoretical construct to realized situation or form. We lift up our imagination to catch the wave of the Mystery that then descends in kind to produce all the elements that we have been imagining. "The beginning is wisdom and the fear of God." Our prayer or meditation begins with the knowledge of just how everything works. This is the beginning of Wisdom. It is the way in which we proceed with our prayer knowing the end is contained in the beginning. We recognize that there is a power that moves through us and this power becomes that through which it moves. We must prepare the ground before us setting up our intention every step of the way. This intention must be raised to the level of connection where we recognize that the power for all demonstration of that intention cannot be encompassed. We can only join with this power by breathing it into our every action. The fear of God is simply our total awareness of God. Fear which is often associated with the awe of God is a reminder to proceed not with caution but with Intention. When we do so we fall in line with the way things work and therefore we are able to smoothly experience the flow of our imagination into experience.


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