Friday, January 06, 2006

Moving within

The answer lies within but you need to be able to be comfortable with it in order to accept it in its entirety. You have to somehow put yourself in the place you want to be. Now fill this place with all that you know about your spirit. Expand this spirit to encompass the area circumscribed by your intention. Feel it seeping into every area of your life. Move when it moves and ponder the your next step. Listen for where it contacts and connects with the direct part of your intention. Your intention is made up of all of those thoughts that have become built up around it. These thoughts support it and protect it from negative energy. Become aware of your spiritual hands. These may be put into play in shaping the positive results that become the forms of your success. It is the all important access point which must be discovered in order to initiate the ending of one world and the beginning of another. Let go of your eyes but keep on searching and experience the feeling of being attracted by your inner eye or the all knowing sense of being which is the very connection you are seeking. Concentrate your focus and know the truth of what it is your have found. Deepen too your efforts and remember your focus as it was from the beginning. The breath fills this focus yet it also flows in and around it.


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