Monday, January 02, 2006

The Five Spiritual Senses

The Five Spiritual Senses

Current string theory in physics postulates that there are ten dimensions. This would be in keeping with the ten sephiroth of Kabbalah which describe in their own ways dimensions of energy that are then related in the many ways we have been considering here. My thoughts today turn to our five senses of physicality and then to our five spiritual senses. There is a great deal of inspiration here that I will touch on as we travel along the way. For now consider the following five spiritual senses.

One) I am: Everything that has proceed that which I am is present now in my life. All of my experiences have come from that which I have embodied either consciously or unconsciously. It is of course my intention to be conscious of all activities that I become.

Two) I Will: There are thoughts which I would show in my life as things verifiable by the experiences they turn into. I desire to chart the direction of my experience to maximum my good in every way. This desire is an extension of the light and translates into seeing my good where I will to see it. It is the ability to make up my mind and to change my mind. It is my choice to become that which I am seeking. All of my choices are intended to open the Mystery so that I may truly be reflected always in the image of my maker. What I am is what I will to be.

Three) I Can: I remember in countless times past my abilities to accomplish that which I Will to achieve. There is a process and indeed a unique state of mind that I remember and succeed in my intention. It is this memory which encourages me. It says that Four) I may become what I will become become I already know how to accomplish this task. It is something that has been teaching me throughout my lifetime. Yes it is within my capacity to become that which I will become because I already have experienced this in times and ways which have left an indelible mark of succes on my efforts.

) I Act: My thoughts suggest areas of actions which I follow through on. Internally my actions are to remember and then stimulate the centers of my awareness that know that I am acting on behalf of becoming that I will to become. I continue to act because every action serves the memory of each success. I groove therefore the successful completion of the experiences under which I have chosen to Will to become.

Five) I Let Go: I have complete confidence in these procedures that I have remembered about how things and experiences come to be. I do not need to consider doubts nor do I need to think about exactly how everything will come to be. I need only reflect continuously on my successful completion of task or experience that I will to become. It is there that I achieve the success I will to become along with the demonstration of each action as it turns into the unified experience.

There is a theme which runs throughout. It is memory. This is the ability to recognize the both subject and object. It is a specialized way of tying together too of the initiation of Intention and promulgation of Will into verifiable experience. When we are able to become the myriad flavors of every experience that we may draw out from these experiences the various components of their demonstration into form. This is brought home to me in a singular way. Whatever I turn my attention to will then begin to reflect itself into my environment.

When I then remember or see that something which I was turning my attention to appear I can then recognize whether or not to continue my attention in this particular area. It then serves as a reminder to my listening consciousness that if I do not want these experiences to multiply I need to think about something else. In a strange and wonderful way this serves as an affirmation then for those things which I have chosen to think about and then allows me to get back to thinking about them as my memory of my five spiritual senses is set into irrevocable motion once again for the goal of becoming that which I will to be.

Consider this as a Zen koan for the year. Remember that which you will to be and then remember that you will to experience this something. It is your choice to use these tools in your own ways. They are by no means the only tools we have to use but they do serve as a reminder of the wondrous worlds of plenty that we all have in store for us when we learn how to think about that which we will be.



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