Monday, December 19, 2005

Choose the Mystery

You can travel anywhere that you can conceive. It isn't just a place you are going to but it is a state of mind. Mind cannot stay in the same state but must always be changing. It's nature is to be fluid and flowing. Mind atrophies when kept in the same patterns of thought. Dreams help to expand those patterns but it is up to your conscious awareness to activate and initiate the waves of inspiration.

You are the ripple maker in the pond of your awareness.

Affirmations and rote prayers cannot be effective unless you center your awareness during the act of knowing that the pebbles you are casting forth into the center of the pond will most definitely produce the waves on shore. I've called this act of knowing Certainty in past writings. It is important to have this Certainty at the forefront of every exercise in Mind. In order to pass through or to pass over the sea of doubt you will need to remember this Certainty and accept it as your connection to the Mystery.
It is ironic that in order to know something for sure you have to then be ready let go into something that is the mother of all unknown's the Mystery. Let's consider the Mystery for a moment or for an eternity.

The Mystery may best be conceived of as that which is coming be, has always been and yet never was until the moment of its becoming. This is the pivot point upon which we choose to make our stand. Try and conceive of the Mystery without the concept of time even though in the above description we use time to suggest the different relationships we have with the Mystery, everything happens in synchronicity with the Mystery so that past present and future all are a part of a single unit of contemplation. It is this contemplation that then begins to build worlds for itself in reflection of all that comes under the rays of its concentrated focus. The Mystery can best be perceived in the transitions that mark the passing of Thought through the various levels of unfoldment. Everything you are today is a result of this unraveling of meaning from Thought. You are what you make of yourself in any given moment. If you choose to take the best that you have to give to yourself and then allow yourself to let go within these contemplations the results will be your Certainty. You cannot come to know that which you haven't chosen to be.


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