Friday, January 06, 2006

Bahir Verse 102

As we begin again this year our study of the Bahir this verse 102 sets the tone for our continuous understanding. It appears obscure as usual but with the looking glass of Modern Kabbalah some surprising and very clear results may be obtained.

Bahir Verse 102. We learned: There is a single pillar extending from heaven to earth, and its name is Righteous (Tzadik) . [This pillar] is named after the righteous. When there are righteous people in the world, then it becomes strong, and when there are not, it becomes weak. It supports the entire world, as it is written, "And Righteous is the foundation of the world." If it becomes weak, then the world cannot endure. Therefore, even if there is only one righteous person in the world, it is he who supports the world. It is therefore written, "And a righteous one is the foundation of the world." You should therefore take My lifted offering from him first. Then (Exodus 25:3), "And this is the lifted offering that you should take from them" ­ from the rest. What is it? "Gold, silver and copper."

Commentary: First before we begin our exegesis a word about the process. In Modern Kabbalah we try and relate everything to the process of thinking and then tell about the interplay between thought and expression. This process is built into the relationship that our conversations have with one another. We think about something and then another thought occurs and so on.

The single Righteous Pillar describes above is a thought that rings true within our mind. It is a thought that inspires other thoughts of like truthful nature. This pillar thought serves as the foundation of our world. Now we go on to say that if there are righteous people in the world it grows very strong. This is saying that if we use this central truthful thought as our inspiration for producing other thoughts which lead us in a right (righteous) direction. Your lifted offering each day is to concentrate on positive thoughts that will reproduce themselves in kind which is why your offerings must be the very best that can be, the silver, gold and copper of your meditations. It is interesting to note that when we meditate we mine the field of our awareness and seek to uncover the precious gems of our thoughts that we may live by them and see them through into fruition.


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