Sunday, December 18, 2005

Bahir Verse 100

We arrive at verse 100 and there is a curious departure. The source of all is brought forth. Watch and see what develops.

Verse 100. And how do we know that "" refers to the Blessed Holy One? It is written (1 Kings 8:36), "And you, O Heaven, shall hear." Was Solomon then praying to heaven that it should hear their prayers? But [we must say that he was praying] to the One whose name is Heaven. It is thus written (1 Kings 8:27), "Behold the heaven and the heaven of heaven cannot contain You." This is the name of the Blessed Holy One. You therefore have fire. How can you then say that it was before? But we must say that their Power existed before the Forms of that place. Only then did these Holy Forms come into existence. What is their Power? It is that regarding which it is written (I Samuel 2:2), "There is none holy like God, there is none other than You, and there is no Former like our God."

Commentary: Here we are talking about how everything came to be. In this verse here we see presented the Mystery out of which all that comes after bases each point of its focus in the ensuing forms of manifestation that are ranged before us in order of archetypal appearance. When we look up to pray there is the assumption that it is on high that we are to look for where our answers come from. When we rise in this way in contemplation what we come up with are the realms of thought that offer wisdom and understanding. This points to the purpose of the Sephiroth that are constructs of the creative imagination given in such a way that our thoughts are charted their courses infused with the certainty of place. This place is where you are in relation to the Mystery. When you are conscious of this at all times your movements are literally in line with the Mystery. When it talks about 'you O Heaven shall hear,' this refers to the greater part of our awareness. You see there is always a place of connection and an aspiration for connection. Before you can derive your direction the place before you as in 'the heaven and the heaven of heaven" must be conceived. Specifically your thoughts can be directed towards the objective you seek and then enjoin the process of raising that objective to its highest purpose.

Align yourself with the Mystery. This keeps coming through no matter what way we come into aspect with it. It keeps running through the Zohar and the Bahir as a recurring theme. It also is there in abundance in the Torah as we have already seen in many the interpretations that have already been received. No matter what you can conceive of there is always something more to be discovered. The name of the Holy One specifically refers to our point of focus. It speaks to exactly where we are directing our thoughts if we are in fact choosing to direct them instead of allowing ourselves to be swept along by mass consciousness. Out of this concept of conscious direction the image or idea of fire is brought forward. This fire is so consuming that it sweeps aside the flows of mass consciousness and allows our own directed purpose to flourish. It is the same fire that sweeps aside doubts prior to our entrance into the mystical Garden of Eden which is guarded by the flaming sword. This fire is before all of the forms have come into being speaking of the forms of mass consciousness. This fire is the on track perspective of the Holy One. The One of your Intention. Make no mistake about this because Unity and One are the foundations of all Aramaic writings dating past the advent of the Melchizidek.

In the verse above there is conjecture in terms of asking how can you know. The verse isn't meant to give any specific answer but it is meant as it shows to ask the questions that will cause your mind to ponder what the significant meanings are. When we go through these commentaries there are answers that are called forth but they are the answers that come out of these moments we share together. When you contemplate these very same verses more answers may be given. The Bahir in its intent is interactive like the computer programs we learn today. Each step we take depends upon our greater understanding of the program as we go along. The forms of that place are the thoughts which issued from the Holy One because of the realization that out of Unity can come a multiplicity of meanings. We are led then into a contemplation of God in God's holiness and we are brought into the awareness once again of Infinite nature of God. Yes our thoughts are being directed as much by what is said by what is not being said. In the same way this verse gives us now a verifiable method for studying future verses. We can relate these verses to Torah, to God, and to the suggestions in Mind that are presented due to our contemplation of these matters. In this contemplation we come into contact with the energy of their making and so continue this process. It is like these sages who have written here have provided us with a basic model upon which we may endlessly build upon. That is why I always speak of openings and of your heart's desire. These openings are where we attach our contemplations to and then from there we have our place of departure in order to fulfill our heart's desire endlessly.


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