Friday, December 30, 2005

Transformation and Fulfillment

Begin with an open heart to experience the fullness of each day. Acceptance is another key to fulfillment. You cannot have that which you cannot conceive of. Focus your attention upon transformation. Transformation can only come about from within. Move within yourself and share the consciousness of now. It is your sense of inner connection. I am that which I have turned my attention over to.

Establish your focus on high and then from then begin to see yourself as you truly are in the image of your aspirations. It is necessary to achieve distance in order to increase your perspective on who and what you really are. Before you can travel far within you need a destination that is a solid foundation for you. It is the place that you may call home in terms of where you want to come from in order to become that which your heart desires.

You are that which you are seeking as you become more versed in the awareness of being. The language of becoming can only originate on high. On high is not a mythical place nor is it unfathomable. The only thing that is necessary in order to reach on high is your unflinching awareness that such a condition is natural to you.

As you move through each day you travel and transform yourself through various dimensions. Your thoughts carry you and your will supports you but it is only from on high that you are lifted up. It is from on high that the true transformation takes place. Consider the times in your life when changes came upon you so swiftly that you could not possibly keep up with them. Your mundane thoughts were left behind and suddenly there were openings that defied your reason. You had no choice but to go with this flow. Soon however your life settled into a feeling of status quo and perhaps you felt blocked in your movement forward. The purpose of focusing on high not only removes these apparent sense of being blocked it also activates the centers of awareness most directly influencing those openings which rush your heart's desire speedily towards you.

Activate by focusing your attention on high. Visualize your awareness coming from on high and then by passionate direction give yourself the thoughts and feelings of fulfillment. Localize these feelings and accept them as your own. Practice does make perfect in this case. You live in the lucid dream and require frequent wake up calls to your active awareness. In a sense you will be stepping outside of yourself even during your waking conscious moments.

'HAMLET And therefore as a stranger give it welcome.There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.(Hamlet Act I Scene V)

Rise up therefore and look often beyond your comprehension for it is from there that the answer you've been searching will find you. When it does your heart's desire shall rest complete within you and you will know that bliss of fulfillment through transformation.


Anonymous Lyman said...

There is something I heard once that this made me think of: It is not our fear of failure that keeps us down, but our fear of our own power.

Or something like that.

Great blog!

7:45 AM  

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