Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The Mystical Promised Land

Every day you are making your dreams come true. Each time you think about that which you choose you are directing the flow of energy in this direction. You build up as energy centers of awareness specific areas of personal interest. As these energy centers became imbued with your imaginings you will find more and more representations of them in the physical realms you frequent as in your daily life. Where you live in Mind becomes the place you'll see in kind. The only difference between those who are most successful at this type of thinking and those who think they are not is this. The successful thinker knows that his or her thoughts are always effective. The choice of the successful thinker is to think thoughts that he would like to see demonstrated in his life.

There are energy centers of your awareness. They are lines of thought that you return to for one reason or another. Think of these centers in much the same way that you conceptualize the ten Sephiroth of the Kabbalah. Exactly the same type energy is being used in either case whether you ascribing your attention to abstract thought or to thoughts which are near and dear to you. It is both your watchful inner and outer eye that will alert you to the various forms taking place. These forms appear out of nothing. It is your recognition of their relevance that makes them especially significant to you.

The other day I was riding along Interstate Five and chanced to look over at the retaining walls which butted up against various residential neighborhoods. It is a road I've travelled countless times. Suddenly I had the thought that it would be a good idea to have doors in these walls. I thought to myself, 'what if someone wanted to pass through from either side.' Then as if by magic these small wooden doors began appearing throughout various sections as I continued along the highway. When I told JJ about it we looked over and there weren't any doors. I haven't been back to check this particular stretch of the highway to see if I had imagined those doors or they were indeed actually there and my subconsciousness was simply pointing them out to me today. Either way it was a magical occurence and an example of thought taking form. I noticed at the time a synchonicity between what I was thinking and then therefore seeing. It was an entirely natural occurence which I accepted as a matter of fact. It also represents a level of consciousness that we do not normally interact with and if we do we cannot bring to mind the awareness necessary to note the extradinary nature of this synchronicity. The feelings I had at the time I would like to describe to you.

I was an instrument through which consciousness was looking. The usual background chatter had disappeared. I had the first impression that there couldn't be a door in the wall but then I saw one. I thought that this was just an anomaly and perhaps not a door but then as I proceeded down the road I saw more doors at periodic intervals in exactly the way I thought that it should have been. Six or seven doors passed by when I mentioned what I was seeing to JJ. As soon as I spoke about it I no longer saw any doors in the walls. It was odd but in the life of a mystic such things have become commonplace.

This example above represents a kind of specialized seeing that seems to come of its own volition. It is akin to a lucid dreaming state. There are however times when you can call upon this special vision to aid you in seeing before you that which you want to call into being. It begins as a promise of things to come still it acts as the evidence of the certainty that you need in order to fully realize your intention.


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