Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Universal Planetary Connection

Universal Planetary Connection

The purpose of a universal planetary connection is to acquaint you with the idea that you are capable of using the entire multiverse as a place for your mind and thought energy to traverse in. It is through this agency that you are able to connect with the various degrees of energy resident out there and to become familiar with their complexities in order to connect in each moment according to the transformations desired therein. Use the entire playing field. Your imagination cannot have any bounds.

If you think about it all systems of philosophy or religion describe a cosmology that is but a shadow of their attempts to describe what infinity is like. The evidence of miracles only goes to reinforce the unlimited possibilities that exist from day to day within a seemingly mundane world. Most of the time our attention is fascinated with things that take away from this all encompassing view. That is why the focus must always be gently returned to the Infinite so that our minds may continue to grow and immerse themselves further into the realms of the Mystery.

My ambition has always been to figure out how everything works. I came in with this kind of directive. My earliest memories are of the observation of the transformation from one state to another. Usually these observations came after the fact which is why my questions always remained. Lately however, I've been trying to see what was going on even in the middle of what I am doing currently. I want to take into account all experiences in order to direct the flow of experiences into the areas I most would like to travel. This is something that I've always believed not only possible but reproducible time and again across the entire spectrum of experience.

Modern Kabbalah seeks to find the meanings in sacred texts in order to apply them to the study of our daily lives. The ultimate study then becomes cause and effect as even the act of our study of the Zohar or Bahir produces the effects of raising our consciousness to new levels of perception. This perception ties back into exactly the way everything works. It provides a specialized lens of inquiry through which now our study can improve upon itself. These improvements are entirely self sustained through the utilization of every new perception that is brought forward.

It is the manner of our thinking that determines the substance of our thoughts. When thought is so directed towards the way everything works the ideas begin to flow in this area and we can then build upon the new concepts that are generated by this mode of thinking. A feeling emerges that becomes the central mode of discovery. This feeling is your connection with the transformative consciousness that makes something out of nothing. As you begin to move inside of these environs confidence comes from repeating the awareness of these feelings as they move within you.

Note: In order to move within consciousness you have to find a space to launch from. It is distance or perspective that gives you this psychic space. Another way of saying this is that you need to be open to the new ideas that issue from your request to uncover the unknown. Enter into a state of readiness. This allows you to take off at a moments notice. You will find that you will always be starting over as you remember more and more each moment to become suddenly aware.

You will know that the sphere of your influence is widening when you find yourself returning to your focus with a quiet intention. This quiet intention however, has become infused with the intensity of your returning motion which acts like dropping another pebble in a pond to produce another series of ripples. If you strike the same center after a while the effect becomes a swell that reaches far beyond the shoreline where these ripples of thought breakthrough to and on.

How can you keep the energy flowing in phase? A sustained focus creates its own phase but once broken this phase may deteriorate. How do we take up where we've left off? The key to synchronizing the phase related nature of sustained creation is the inner voice. It is the power and persistence of this inner voice which makes for the continuity of substance. The inner voice in its expression must not only be brought forth but must be given a free rein to communicate the ideas of universal connection. It does so by the reflected image forms of non linear consciousness.

Non Linear Consciousness is the state of mind or being where thought is able to escape the usual bounds of associations and leap to inspirations which are beyond the status quo. It is during this non linear state of conconsciousness that the totality of the whole may be embraced. Through this bonding or recognition of the whole ideas are shared making for greater bonds of influence affecting the rate of inspirational return.

As you move forward things happen to you to show you that even the steps you thought you had to take weren't necessary after all. A great deal of skipping takes place and causes a subsequent pattern of motion based upon the certainty of your objective. This certainty builds ladders for each awakening to the next level of enlightenment. You can think of these levels as Sephiroth of enlightenment because the type of energy that is encompassed does pass through the various stages of zimzum. In practice these stages also are transformed much the same way in which we view the transformations of the four worlds of Kabbalah taking place. They intersect and grow within each other and cause each other reciprocal invention.

The Sephiroth of Kabbalah do tell us what is going on at any given in our quest to rise above the status quo. This ladder of Sephiroth provide a stable influence that can be anchored in our memory. Then acting from this anchor or certainty of being we may take off into those parts unknown that beckon to us. Look to the nearest star. Your thoughts touch there. Look into the blackness of space where no stars appear. Your thoughts travel even to the most invisible of stars and far out beyond the reaches of comprehension these thoughts do transform themselves into stars and star systems based upon the energy their making and destined to become universes and galaxies of their own one day.

I think we've gone far enough for one session. Always. Later.


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