Friday, October 14, 2005

Bahir Verse 87

Do you see what comes next? It is the basis of all that has come before and the proof of Modern Kabbalah's exposition of thought being central to Kabbalistic discussion. It is odd that established Kabbalah does not shout this from the rooftops. Here we say it matter of fact style for what is cannot be other.

Bahir 87. It is written (Ecclesiastes 1:8), "The ear is not satiated from hearing." It is also written (Ecclesiastes 1:8), "The eye is not satiate from seeing." This teaches us that both draw from thought. What is thought? It is a king that is needed by all things that were created in the world, both above and below.

Commentary: Thought is eternal and always seeks a higher expression. Paramount and supreme is thought because thought issues itself from the higher voice. The trick is to listen for highest thought where at first there is no thought or a cessation of lower thought. Then the first thing to come to mind is joy. Lovely how this works.


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