Friday, October 14, 2005

Bahir Verse 85

Here we introduce the ideas of generation and thesis. Let's see how.

BAhir Verse 85 What is a Mem ? Do not read Mem, but Mayim (water). Just like water is wet, so is the belly always wet. Why does the open Mem include both male and female, while the closed Mem is male? This teaches us that the Mem is primarily male. The opening was then added to it for the sake of the female. Just like the male cannot give birth, so the closed Mem cannot give birth. And just like the female has an opening with which to give birth, so can the open Mem give birth. The Mem is therefore open and closed.

Commentary: See how from one thought we get two more thoughts and from their a synthesis and then an analysis. Before we go on to the next series of verses we introduce what comes before and what follows after. Modern Kabbalah teaches that it isn't so important to gather the meanings together in a neat bundle as it is to allow them to seed themselves and grow. Mem- Male and Female. Water is the analogy and its general meaning. See that from one drop is the split into two more drops and so on through infinite permutation. The male-female, in-out, thought-idea-concept all follow from a seed or drop of an idea. It is the giving birth that now takes our attention. From nothing something and then some more.


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