Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The Garden of Possibility

     Here he was standing in the garden of possibility. It was a familiar place he was standing in. The grass grew tall although not so tall as to obscure the view of the running stream which stretched for miles meandering north and south. He felt a familiar tightness and found himself consciously giving himself suggestions to relax over and over again. It began working after about five minutes of conscious effort. Why he came here was a mystery to him. It was a peaceful tranquil place. Here he could become one with the moments as they passed by. It seemed as though this place lived in him and it wasn't until he returned here now thirty years since that he began to understand the meanings of this place. The peaceful calm that surrounded his thoughts here were a part of him now even when he was far removed from the physical presence of this garden of possibility. He understood now that his thoughts had been collected here and indeed had been harvested for a time when he would need them. It was odd for him to be reflecting upon these things in the middle of his busy world but odder still was the understanding that this time was the perfect time for such reflections. The past was something he dared not touch. He held it sacred even in the missteps he sometimes took. The artist in him could not bear to change a thing.
     He looked out over the water watching the ripples slowly ebb towards the surface. A gentle breeze blew across the water moving the rushes that were parked on both banks on either side. In distance a few birds were passing overhead. As so often happened during these times he had an insight.

     "He had to be there in connection in order to experience the connection. " His purpose was often revealed in such a simple way. Again the connection spoke to him.

      "There is the thing itself and the flavor of the thing. This is similar to lightning and thunder where one announces the other. Keep your eyes open and the lightning will strike otherwise when the thunder sounds you will be preoccupied. Always therefore listen. In order for you to experience connection place yourself where you want to be and then reach out in the ways you have come to know best."

It was by letting go of the effects that he was able to best experience them. The subtle nature of this event reminded him to remember one particular incident when he realized that the tides affected even this remote stream. This started a whole train of associations which continued into the present day and therefore became reinforced through this memory that in itself remained like the wetness on shore after the tide goes out.

"This is a reminder to you that the ebb and flow of your purposes and their focus are also a part of these tides that remain connected to you throughout your life experience. In this way all distance is shortened by memory. It is also the key to unlocking the dream sequence of discovery which issues into form. There is only one power and that is the power to imagine. Imagination brings near to you that which you have believed is distant. The proof of manifestation is in your realization that each envisioning opens up another door to reveal to you the reality of what is now. Open the doors and let all be revealed. See yourself opening these doors the same way you see yourself in dreams solving problems and triumphing over adverse situations. Open the doors and shake hands with every opportunity which comes through. Go ahead now and open the doors."

He did open the doors and at first there was darkness and then all of a sudden a blinding light. It wasn't until much later that he realized what had just happened to him. In fact the same kind of thing kept on each time he entered another awareness signalled by the door opening. It was explained to him in this way.

"Questions burst forth each time you open a door. They are lined up for miles around the figurative blocks of awareness that are hidden. When you uncover these mysteries the first thing they want to do is to ask their own questions. This explains the sudden darkness. Their revelations are indicated by the blinding light that next comes through. It is the light of understanding that now becomes the ground upon which you choose to walk."

He stands still now poised on the edge of exactly where he chooses to be. It is a time to be relaxed in the moment. The making or acceptance of that which is made has taken on another dimension. It is an uncomfortable feeling. While he brought in the light of understanding his direction was clear. Once he arrived at the intended destination however, he paused to see what would come next. Then the voice opened up for him.

"It is a different kind of making. In this case your essence is being energized and lightly seeded with the forms of invention. These inventions arise out of all earlier envisioning. Their signature touches you in a different place both physically and mentally. This is something that you need to be aware of. Listen above to where you are focused. Seek beyond. Opening doors is doors is one thing. Finding the windows within each passing structure is another. These windows not only let in the light but they let in the formalized substance, the result of your envisioning. Look for them everywhere and feel the answering spirit rise in response to finding them."

He stopped and remembered that all really was well and proceeding just as it should be. He took and deep breath and smiled. The wind answered him by rising and falling letting its cool breath touch him ever so lightly. Soon it would be night. He rose to walk away for now with a promise to return whenever the spirit moved him.


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