Friday, October 14, 2005

Bahir 86

We continue where the two become one. Unity is the process of opening and closing.

Bahir Verse 86. Why should the Mem have two forms, open and closed? Because we said: Do not read Mem, but Mayim (Water). The woman is cold, and therefore, must be warmed by the male. Why should the Nun have two forms, bent and straight? Because it is written (Psalm 72:17), "Before the sun shall his name reign (ya-Nun). " [This is] from two Nuns, the bent Nun and the straight Nun , and it must be through male and female.

Commentary: Water is warmed by the sun and produces life, the creative life of thought, the manifest life of form. Open to thought in it highest realm, receive the blessing by partaking of the sun of no thought. The one cause the other to rise. Once in mind seen in kind.


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