Thursday, October 06, 2005

Bahir Verse 84

The following discussion is about the Closed Mem and the Open Mem. There is an obscure series of references going on here. Let's see what we can come up with in terms of interpretation.

Verse 84. The open Mem . What is the open Mem ? It includes both male and female. What is the closed Mem ? It is made like a belly from above. But Rabbi Rahumai said that the belly is like the letter Teth . He said it is like a Teth on the inside, while I say that it is like a Mem on the outside.

Commentary: If you look at the Hebrew letters you see the final Mem is closed and the regular Mem is open in the left bottom corner. Because this Mem is open it is said to include both male and female or the energy of the idea-male and it's expression-female. The closed Mem is like a Teth on the outside. Teth is the symbol for serpent whereas inside it is like a Mem which is water. It is therefore shown this way to symbolize a serpent swimming on the outside of the water or on top of the water. The water is our consciousness, the vast repository of all thought. The serpent is the life force which directs consciousness. It sits on top of consciousness and is able to direct consciousness according to will. This connection between consciousness and the serpent force has always been united in will. Will is the act of choice, your choice. There is no movement in the direction of your heart's desire without Will. The only way you rise above consciousness itself is to become like the serpent that swims upon its waters.


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