Friday, October 07, 2005

The Secret Name

The secret name YHVH is certainty and is spelled in the following way.

Yud is the emphasis from above the inspiration that knows itself. Visualize one Yud and then many Yud's slowly coasting down from above. Each Yud represents another level of certainty. Utilize these Yuds in visualizing them as simply saying Yes. Therefore you have all these Yes's or Yud's streaming without measure from the above to the below.

In between you have the formation of your thoughts into the object of your heart's desire. This is symbolized by the first Heh in the Tetragramaton. This Heh is the abode of your focus. As you increase your focus and work towards your heart's desire this Heh steadily becomes the repository for your objectives. It is located spiritually in between the above and below poised for the next phase of the operation of the secret name.

Next comes the Vav which connects the spiritualized form with its actualized expression. Your thoughts utilize this channel of certainty to come into being as experience. The secret in all of this is our awareness of the process which is taking place.

The completion of this divine secret is the second Heh. It reflects perfectly through the agency of the Vav streaming down from the upper or first Heh. It reproduces that which appears first above and now is seen below.

The secret revealed here is that there is a location for your thoughts and a definite pattern for your awareness to follow. The YHVH pattern outlined is not the only pattern which may be used. Other patterns you may find work equally well. The YHVH pattern is described because of its connection with Torah and Kabbalah so that new insights may be drawn from this.

Have a great weekend all!

Mark Siet


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