Friday, September 23, 2005

Bahir Verse 82-83

Specific instructions are included here in terms of the awakening mind. The allusions are deep but that can be expected here where mind evolves to understand itself. We continue with verse 82.

Bahir Verse 82. What are the seven parts of man's body? It is written (Genesis 9:6), "In the form of God, He made man." It is also written (Genesis 1:27), "In the form of God He made him" counting all his limbs and parts. But we have said: What does the letter Vav resemble? It is alluded to in the verse (Psalm 104:5), "He spreads out light like a garment." For Vav is nothing other than the six directions. He replied: The covenant of circumcision and man's mate are considered as one. His is two hands then make three, his head and body, five, and his two legs make seven. Paralleling all these are their powers in heaven. It is thus written (Ecclesiastes 7:14) , "Also one opposite the other had God made." These are the days [of the week, as it is written] (Exodus 31:17), "Because six days God made the heaven and the earth." The scripture does not say "in six days," but rather, "six days." This teaches us that each day [of the week] has its own specific power.

Commentary: The key to this verse is Vav. What is Vav? It is connection. It connects the above with the below, the thought with the form. The body is described here. What is it? It is the body of your thoughts which derive from how thoughts move through time in order to manifest themselves. In another sense we are being given another description of creation. Six days refers to the openings that result from where our thoughts open up the heavens for the inspiration that pours forth. The distinction is made that it is not 'in six days' but rather just 'six days God made the heaven and the earth.' Read this excerpt to mean the persistence of thought that takes place as we arise each day. Remember what your focus is for your heart's desire. This is what it means by each day has it's specific power. It isn't necessarily the day itself that has the power it is your focus for each day which imbues that day with the power specific to your focus.

A clarification is given now as to the transmission of thought and its purpose.

Verse 83 What is the significance of the Nun [in the word Ozen ]? This teaches us that the brain is the main part of the spinal cord. It constantly draws from there, and if not for the spinal cord, the brain could not endure. And without the brain, the body could not endure. The entire body exists only in order to provide for the needs of the brain. And if the body did not endure, then the brain would also not endure. The spinal cord is the channel from the brain to the entire body. It is represented by the bent Nun . But [in the word Ozen ] the Nun is a straight one. The straight Nun is the one that is always at the end of a word. This teaches us that the straight Nun includes both the bent one and the straight one. But the bent Nun is the Foundation. This teaches us that the straight Nun includes both male and female.

Commentary: The brain is the receiver the spinal cord to transmitter. Astounding. This tells us that we have to look no where else but within. All the information we need is already hard coded inside of us, specifically within our spinal cord. The straight Nun at the end of a word is the fruition of thought. It is the moment when we know that we are in connection with our highest source. Where it says that the bent Nun is the Foundation it is referring to Yesod where the organs of creation are symbolized in the body. We make our heart's desire within ourselves and then project this heart's desire on to the window of the mind which then passes into manifestation through the process known as days of creation.


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