Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Choose the pathways in mind that you wish to travel by. As you must realize by now the road is constantly shifting and it is only your intention that keeps you focused on the objective of your heart's desire. What this means is that despite enticements-attractions that you face in your daily thinking process the only way you are going to get to where you truly want to go is to think about going there and ultimately to see yourself already in place at your intended destination.

Learn to realize the resonance of your thinking. When lightning flashes the thunder follows but there is a time delay of 1100 feet per second in between flash and when you hear the lightning. If five seconds go by then the storm is roughly 1 mile away.

When you focus on your heart's desire this is the flash of lightning. The thunder or the sound heard in response to this flash is your heart's desire taking form. Remember that you provide the lightning flash and that the thunder must inevitably follow. The timing of it all depends upon, (you knew I was going to say this) your certainty. It is this certainty that is the core of all Modern Kabbalah.

Throughout the day you may be tempted to react to situations in a negative manner. Stop. Remember to focus your attention if only for a moment on your heart's desire and then as we spoke of in the last post with the Ten Commandments, let it go. Your heart's desire is there for you as long as you remember it and let it go. Everytime you remember you return to the holiness of creation. This is the greatest secret revealed for all who work with wonder as their medium of expression.

Another analogy to consider is to increase the flow of your focus by increasing the times you return to it during the day. Each time you return the current is expanded. When you focus with emotion the strength of the current is increased. The current is flowing towards your heart's desire illuminating it and bringing it to life in form.

Cast your heart's desire upon the waters of your imagination. Set your sails and see it coming into view. Use the Images within to mind to connect your visions with your emotions. In this way you direct these inner winds towards your intention maintaining the watchful of the helmsman while being open to the currents that run beneath the sea. There may not always be a straight line to your intention as you navigate the waves of influence that you experience each day. All you need is what is called 'dead reckoning' another sea term meaning you just know where you are going. Beyond the compass points and landmarks there is the innate sense of being right exactly where you are supposed to be.

It is by analogy that everything that was made is made. We have an idea and it accrues to itself a relationship to the universe. Out of this relationship various openings take place within the dimensions of each world we enter into. A dimension is none other than a changing set of circumstances used to describe the current state of one's life experience. That is all. These dimensions change daily, and moment by moment. They are brought on by our state of mind. That is why it is so important to change your mind if you start thinking negatively. When you do the energy changes and becomes lifted up instead of depressed. Each successful attempt at changing your mind allows you to relinquish the negativity and breath in the positive ethers of your heart's desire.

In summary: Traverse the pathways in mind with the light of your intention.


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