Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Inner Voice - Self Directed or Outward directed

Listen; the voice that you hear inside is either reacting to something you've heard, or felt about some outside influence or it is acting because of your intention. Which one you hear as they say makes a world of difference.

Outward directed:
You respond to something someone said. You begin to have conversations with this person based upon their remark(s). You find yourself justifying your words. Your emotions become embroiled here getting more and more frustrated because this kind of inner voice offers no satisfaction and only confusion. This can occur because of a person, place or thing causing you to launch into a series of suppositions all based upon an erroneous beginning, which is your outward source. Once you find your self reflecting outwardly you can be sure of negativity coming in from everywhere. The reason for this negativity turns out to be a matter of polarity. Negativity is born from energy without a discernible center or a center of negativity. By definition the outward pulls on your mind do not promote your center.

Inward directed: Thoughts which seek the center of your being by the intentional spin your mind is shaping them into become thoughts that know themselves. they are energy producing thoughts. They bring about inspirational thought by their acts of creation.

Acts of creation: You have an intention. Call it your heart's desire. All kinds of situations now appear in your life to reflect that intention. These new situations are directly a result of keeping your focus internalize or inner directed. The Inner Voice now responds in kind to present ideas and to produce emotions which reinforce your Intention. Creation happens in the same way that an atom is split or that cells divide. We start with an idea and then make it better. In the process of making it better we experience growth. This growth occurs exponentially and does not occur in a straight line. As the cells divide and to become an individual all the random elements of the universe coincide to provide order in the system of a unique individual. As the atoms divide in during fission great forces are released in a burst of light and energy. These are the forces of creation that we see mirroring in life and in our thoughts about life.

Your life in the universe: You are one with the universe around you. As you expand in mind the universe correspondingly expands. You are an artist and the universe is your canvass. Take care to paint your pictures with Intention following the dictates of your heart's desire. Forget about your physicality for a moment and consider yourself luminous beings whose thoughts and desires are translated into the life force all around you. You are in the process of infinitely turning on the lights of your Intention and then following through to see just how much you may uncover in a moment's time.


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