Tuesday, July 26, 2005

What's happening?

You can make this happen in this now just by being determined that it happen in this now. There is sufficient precedent for this to ring true. Obviously it is state of mind which determines the success of every adventure. It is one thing to experiment with something. It is another to know you can and then do what you know you can to see it happen. You see when you have the right attitude everything changes. You go from waiting for something to happen to expecting something to happen. When it happens it should come as no surprise but just be seen as a natural result of the expansion of consciousness. Did you ever watch your favorite team play and you just knew they were going win. The odds may have been against them but still they manage to win. Sure you are excited that you have watched them win but deep down a part of yourself is saying, 'you see I knew it, I knew this was going to happen.' It is to that part of yourself now that I would like you to turn your full attention to. It is the part which knows and then acts as though it knows in everything. Consider this acting to be exactly the same as follow through except in this case it really is a flowing through because that is what happens when your attitude filters the consciousness of who and what you are from moment to moment. There is this higher voice within you that moves through everything. At times if you listen closely you will feel it move in response to your getting it; getting what it is trying to tell you.

One of the things which will set your mind at ease is that you do not have to maintain this high state of mind. It is there regardless of where you are. All you need employ is your awareness of its presence and then take it from there.

You are not alone. You do not have to do this by yourself. The more you reach up the lower the ladder drops to the ground. Once your hands touch the first rung of the ladder you are home free. Then you are connected. Those quiet moments, those times in between. They are simply opportunities for connection.

The first step is to listen. Then gradually the quality of information becomes more clear. Your ability to assimilate this information too becomes greater in degree as does your ability to disseminate this information in a cogent rational form.

You have no idea of how others see you. All illusion comes from a negative self projection.

Place your attention where you most need it to be, upon your connection. How will you know when you are connected? There will be no opposing forces. Your thoughts will flow in one direction ever expanding and increasing the depth and breadth of your understanding.


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