Monday, August 01, 2005

Bahir Verse 65

Here we continue with the thought of judgement and enter into the essence of the thing.

Bahir Verse 65: 'And what wisdom did God give to Solomon? Solomon had God's name. We have thus said that whenever Solomon is mentioned in the Song of Songs, it is a holy name, except in one case. God said to him, "Since your name is like the name of My Glory, I will let you marry my daughter." But she is married! Let us say that He gave her to him as a gift. It is thus written (1 Kings 5:26), "And God gave wisdom to Solomon." Here, however, it is not explained. Where then is it explained? When the scripture states (1 Kings 3:28), "For they saw that the wisdom of God was in him to do judgement." We then see that the wisdom that God gave him was such that he could "do judgement." What is the meaning of "to do judgement?" As long as a person does judgement, God's wisdom is inside him. This is what helps him and draws him near. If not, it repels him, and not only that, but it also punishes him. It is thus written (Leviticus 26:28), "I will chastise you, also I."

Commentary: In Aryeh Kaplan's Bahir he speaks about how we can find God's name inside of Solomon and gives meanings in terms of the references that are mentioned here. We however are taking another approach. This approach looks behind the meanings for the seed or core of the verse. As soon as you name something you cause your focus to be attentuated there. It is like a storage place for consciousness. It is also like the place where your understanding resides. Solomon has discovered that within his place of focus, there he finds what is in essence God or thoughts about God. The Wisdom which he is given happens as a result of being in this holiest of places within. It is the natural flowing forth of our attention which now is colored with this God essence. The glory mentioned here refers to Tiphereth. It is the result of the transformation of this understanding of the God essence into the overflowing of this essence into and inside of the mold of our life experiences. The doing of judgement is providing the circuit for this flowing into and inside of the experiences we embody. When you become a channel for wisdom it opens up figuratively the whole circuit of Sephiroth thus leading to the fullest of life expressions. When you block this awareness your life too becomes blocked. It is then to this overflowing that we are to gauge our attention to. When our attention is thereby focused our 'inner seeing' becomes more perfect. The whole picture is derived from the smallest part. This is how judgement is given and done because we are able to infer it from the slightest bit of wisdom which we cooperate with in overflowing inside the paths of our life. Everything you learn promotes this wisdom and moves it forward. Continuous growth comes from continuous learning. This learning is to accept the wisdom that overflows in your life. Accept it by seeking it and allowing it to open up those darkened places within your mind.


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