Saturday, July 23, 2005

Bahir Verse 63

Continuing with the Bahir verse 63 the Mystery is alluded to. There is a lot to think about here but we will cut to the heart of the matter which you will see is exactly the point of this verse.

Bahir Verse 63. What is his heart? He said: If so, Ben Zoma is out side, and you are with him. The heart (Lev) [in numerical value] is thirty-two. These are concealed, and with them the world was created. What these 32? He said: These are the 32 Paths. This is like a king who was in the innermost of many chambers. The number of such chambers was 32, and to each one there was a path. Should the king the bring everyone to his chamber through these paths? You will agree that he should not. Should he reveal his jewels, his tapestries, his hidden and concealed secrets? You will again agree that he should not. What then does he do? He touches the Daughter, and includes all the paths in her and in her garments. One who wants to go inside should gaze there. He married her to a king, and also gave her to him as a gift. Because of his love for he, he sometimes calls her "my sister," since they are both from one place. Sometimes he calls her his daughter, since she is actually his daughter. And sometimes he calls her "my mother."

Commentary: The first part has to do with how we may understand a particular meaning that is coming through for us. All of our meanings are concealed until they are revealed by the Mystery itself to us. Then we find the thirty two paths which come fromthe value of the word heart which is 32. These 32 paths, defined as "ten Sefirot beli mah" and the "22 elemental letters" of the Hebrew alphabet, are represented as the foundations of all of creation.

As you can see from this diagram Keter of the top of the tree is only connected via Chochmah, Binah and Tiphereth. The king is Keter and the daughter or sister is the heart or Tiphareth, There is the connection of reflection occuring in both places. The mysteries that are revealed to us only are revealed when we recognize in the heart of our being our connection to the King. In our own hearts the passion of our awakening soul is enough to communicate the spark necessary to initiate this connection. When we direct our attention a key is that we are looking now with love at this which always is. This is akin to the feeling of a husband for a bride. It is complete adoration as well as complete acceptance. Both are neccessary to move the heart into its proper role as initiator of the connection.


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