Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Choose the event horizon of your heart's desire

There is always a choice about what to think. Each moment you are pulled by actions, reactions and thoughts. Your choice is to move along with the status quo or to seek out new horizons. When you seek out new horizons a corresponding expansion in consciousness takes place. You will then find yourself saying 'I can do this' and 'I become this.' What you are tapping into in terms of the energy relationships taking place are the various processes that make things work. Then by degrees you begin to reflect and say, 'I can make this happen,' and 'I am making this happen' and 'I see this happening.'

Inside of your mind you have the key to unlock the doors of your awakening into the worlds of your new horizons. It must be so. There isn't any other interface that would make your connections just the way you would like to see them.

Your connections are those points of contact within your thoughts that place you there inside of your heart's desire. The feelings are expanding as you make contact and grow within your familiarity with this focus. You also feel a sense of excitement and even a restlessness within. This indicates not only a growing connection but also a change of station. This change of station means that you are going from the perception of one type of reality into the focus of another type of reality. In this case the new horizon announces your imminent arrival into the focus of your heart's desire. In effect all of your feelings then provide you with the event horizon of awakening into your desired place of being.

The most important factor to consider along these lines of awakening is the attenuation of focus. In order to compensate for this you may do the same thing that is applied to power or speaker cables where the current or decibel level drops after long distances. In the latter case, repeaters are setup to boost the power so that the current is kept at a constant strength. You may setup reminders or repeaters in your mind to keep your focus on track and full of its initial inspirational power. Therefore when you feel your inspiration flagging put yourself into the place of power where your initial overflowing inspiration came from. Say yes to this place and all that it represents. When you do this you reawaken the energy that has gone dormant due to the attenuation of your focus. Now with renewed strength it moves forward once again bringing with it a whole new cycle of excitement and fulfillment.

Learn then to trust the flows of your mind and to act accordingly.


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