Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Bahir 41-42-43-44

See how in following verses, 41 and 42 your thoughts are are made holy.

'41. They also said: Every dream (Chalom) is in the Cholem. Every white precious stone is in the Cholem. It is thus written [with regard to the High Priest's breastplate] (Exodus 28:19), "[And in the third row...] a white stone (aChLaMah)."'

What is a dream? It is the time well spent in the next world brought on by our acceptance of the visualizations within. This dream expands itself inside of that which is called Cholem. The Cholem is what is called a type O vowel. It is the dot above a letter such as a dot above a vav which gives the vav the v'o sound. It is tiny yet it is expansive in sound. Once the letter is sounded the vowel continues. It is therefore so true with our thoughts which have their Cholem in our intention. The intention is what sounds out our thoughts. It is the essence and the carrying forth of a thing which is spoken of here. See the High Priest as our highest self and the breastplace that is worn as a symbol for that self expression both pure and powerful and deeply imbedded as in the cholem inside of the white stone in the breastplate. Notice the movement. The beginnings of the expansion of soul are touched upon here.

'42. He said to them: Come and hear the fine points regarding the vowel points found in the Torah of Moses. He sat and expounded: Chirek hates evildoers and punishes them. Its side includes jealousy, hatred and competition. It is thus written (Psalm 37:12), "He gnashes (Chorek) his teeth at them." Do not read chorek (gnashes), but rochek (repels). Repel (rachek) these traits from yourself, and repel yourself from evil. Good will then certainly attach itself to you. "

Chirek refers to the type i vowels as in the ee sound. We use the study of this vowel in the words that are formed by it. The operative method is to 'repel yourself from evil.' Keep your thoughts focused on that which is good which by definition is the thing itself that you are thinking about for good. The soul will not expand without this direction of good. The soul cannot consider evil but that it shrinks in its promotion and overcomes in its triumph. Your thoughts achieve their holiness in follow through. This follow through recognizes the right direction and then assumes the attitude of acceptance. This creates the opening for holiness or the spirt of God to energize and flow into the channels of your awareness. While this holiness flows endlessly it is our recognition of it that quickens the flow and bonds us to this flow forever. This holiness is what the expansion of your soul accomplishes. Imagine that your soul, the undefinable has a life of its own and that it wants to move and grow along with your very own expectations. Soon you will feel this connection and then know beyond words the meaning of holiness and of the expansion which is taking place for you.

'43. Chirek. Do not read ChiRiK but KeRaCh (Ice). Whatever the Chirek touches becomes ice. It is thus written (Exodus 34:7), "and cleanses."

Exodus 34:7 says this, 'keeping mercy unto the thousandth generation, forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin; and that will by no means clear the guilty; visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children, and upon the children's children, unto the third and unto the fourth generation.'

Here above is the classic definition of Karma. Do right and it follows you. Do wrong and that too will follow you. Make the choice to do right. This passage in its context comes about when Moses is asking God for the law a second time. Ironically it is this second presenting of the law which in itself shows the results of karma. The law is given but much attention is herein given to those who would transgress this law. The law is the law of consciousness. This law is that energy produces energy of like and equal value. Think well, act well, experience good. Think without focus, dwell on the negative and experience negative surroundings in your life. The ice spoken above as relating to Chirek is the ice formed by the focus of your thinking. It is this focus which cleanses your thoughts and gives them purpose.

'44. What is the indication that Chirek has the connotation of burning? This is because it is fire that burns all fire. It is thus written (1 Kings 18:38), "And God's fire fell, and it consumed the burnt offering, the wood, the stones, the dust, and evaporated the water that was in the trench."

First the idea of focus is represented by ice and now in verse 44 it is symbolized by the all consuming fire. This focus is what you build up within by returning your thoughts to the thing you want, to your heart's desire. Nothing that is offered up in its place can take precedence because this focus does become an all consuming fire completely transforming your world into the image and likeness of your focus. Here is the final piece of the soul's expansion. It is directed by focus and once perfectly honed this focus burst's into being much like the lightning flash of the zimzum. This completes the study of the second section of the Bahir. The upcoming section will study the seven voices and the Sephiroth. Stay tuned. There is lots more.


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