Monday, June 06, 2005

Bahir 38-39-40

The idea of gates is further expanded in verse 38.

'38. Rabbi Amorai sat and expounded: What is the meaning of the verse (Psalm 87:2), "God loves the gates of Zion more than all the dwellings of Jacob." "The gates of Zion" are the "openings of the World." A gate is nothing other than an opening. We thus say, "Open for us the gates of mercy." God said: I love the "gates of Zion" when they are open. Why? Because they are on the side of evil. But when Israel does good before God and are worthy that good be opened for them, then God loves them - "more than all the dwellings of Jacob." ["The dwellings of Jacob"] are all peace, as it is written (Genesis 25:27), "Jacob was a simple man, dwelling in tents. '

Let's cut to the chase in this one and see it as a whole. Zion is the place where you are coming from in your best efforts in meditation and acting in your world of experience. Zion may only be accessed (your place of power or your connection with God) when the gates of understanding are opened. These gates are opened in response to each revelation you have. Good and evil may only be determined as far as what we accept for ourselves in our minds in response to our inner calling. When we are at peace or become as Jacob the simple man we live in a state of grace. This state of grace means we are ever receptive to the divine calling. The gates of Zion that are open on the side of evil. Whenever we see evil in these writings we are to remember that evil refers to making the wrong choice. We have to divorce ourselves from our recognizable concept of evil which has been brought to us by centuries of immersion in cultures that have forgotten the true meanings of these words. That is to say that our choices are what take us where we want to go. When we follow the design which is there from the divine within us then yes we are in this place of peace where our good shines forth. If we follow anything other than our own judicious council then we err. This is the evil being spoken of. God loves when these gates are open inside of us simply because God loves. This love we can access and radiate by opening our own hearts and minds to the inspirations that are there for us morning noon and night. The next verse 39 continues this theme.

'39. This is like two men, one who is inclined to do evil and does good, and the other who is inclined to do good and does evil. Who is more praiseworthy? The one who is inclined to do evil and does good, for he may do good again. It is therefore written (Psalm 87:2), "God loves the gates of Zion more than all the dwellings of Jacob." These [dwellings] are all peace, as it is written (Genesis 25:27), "Jacob was a simple man, dwelling in tents."

Do you see how choice is made into the prevalent attitude of this verse. When we make the right choice then our dwellings are peace. Where do we dwell? Most immediately inside of our own minds amongst the thoughts that we are thinking. While we go through our day we choose the good thoughts even though there may be 'evil' ones lurking about. It is always about these choices that we make that influence our dwelling places. This is the lesson that is given here continuing on the theme of choice and the good result of our correct choices. We know what thoughts we have to choose. By our act of will then do we set forth and choose them. Watch now how the heart of the matter is brought home in verse 40.

'40. His students asked: What is Cholem? He replied: It is the soul - and its name is Cholem. If you listen to it, your body will be vigorous (Chalam) in the Ultimate Future. But if you rebel against it, there will be sickness (Choleh) on your head, and diseases (Cholim) on its head. "

Listen to your soul. Your soul is where you dwell within your body. If you do not listen there is chaos. If you do listen peace and the vigor of life. Your soul becomes the nexus of your thought forms. It extends itself through these thought forms and is diminished by these thought forms if they are embracing a lower form of energy. Think now of the sap that runs through a tree. With the light of the sun and plenty of water it runs gloriously through bark and limb and produces healthy vibrant flowers. The more light there is the greater the strength of the tree. It is also true with us that the more we come to recognize our own connection with light that we extend our souls inside of the body that we are living in. The secret of the extension of the soul is about to be explained. Pay careful attention in the next few days to see how this occurs. I will tell you that even though I haven't read ahead to try and find it in the Bahir I know that it is here and is calling to me, to us through this verse. Forty represents a completion of sorts. Another level of consciousness and understanding has been transcended.


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