Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Wondrous Making.

There is then in the making of everything that goes before you the expectation of something wonderful happening to you because you have prepared the ground for just such a series of occurences. While you are awake you will see the results of all of this wondrous making and it will thrill you with the truth that it represents to you. Therefore be mindful in preparing the way each day before you. Walk in the ways of your Lord. The Lord is the presence of your good which you have the intention of witnessing in each day. It is Lord over you over you are always coming into contact with that which you have envisioned. When you learn the supreme power of this Lord you gladly await your entrance into the holiness which this represents. The place of being that is happening in the moment is caused by your connection to and adherence within to the concept of self renewal. Move the mind then into the place of being. Mind is always moving therefore direct this movement where you will.


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