Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Preponderance of Evidence

Think of an area in front of you lining out from your eyes in a V shape. Imagine that you are opening up the worlds of form you are to experience by through this inner awakening. It is an involution leading to evolution. It is a taking of the mind stuff into the awareness of being. You make your world your own by continuously developing this mind stuff. It is the mystery that is constantly unfolding according to the your finesse in activating its essence according to the alignment you are learning how to become a part of. It imagination that must become the strongest link to your unfolding awareness. It is the shaping of this imagination to reveal your good that you are working to become familiar to you. There is the combination of the flows of thought and imaging. Thought creates the images which must reach a place of internal stability before they start appearing into form. Your awareness of this process is at such a high level that it has always been difficult to isolate those parameters necessary for conscious control. In fact every manipulation of your mind is for the effect of growing more accustomed to these inner flows and arranging them according to your conscious direction. I listen for these images and make them up as I am listening. In addition to these images I make myself aware of the return flow of truth. This return flow of truth is the recognition of the matching flow of thought and form. It also is a buildup of these thoughts that evolves the mind substance into their forms. Palpable feelings, touching feelings, awakened feelings; all of these contacts are supreme in determining the outgrowth of completion. You will sense you are in the final stages now due to the last minute influences which are cascading into your awareness. The well is revealed to pour forth now its wisdom unto you as the overflowing of thought arranges itself by reflection and meditation. The internal is revealed more and more so that forms have now been lined up to be placed in perfection by your attention. We let them go and experience them now that they are fully mature in their growth.


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