Monday, December 29, 2003

  • It is in the final analysis the background of your thinking that determines each moment and the thoughts of that moment. The question always being asked is where is your inner eye focused upon? What are you looking at within? The subconsciousness is by its very nature hidden. It is our focus to uncover these hidden areas to make them see the light of day and to more aptly experience the focus of our thinking in terms of greater light revealed. As each layer of the subconsciousness is uncovered the light revealed awakens further hidden states until all is opened up throughout eternity. The background that is always resident but rarely recognized is the all abiding good. Throughout the day use phrases of affirmation to leave waypoints that will stimulate the awareness into more closely emulating the background all pervading goodness. As your affirmation emerge they can be fully structured into the introsphere of your thinking providing the feelings of peace and abundance that issue from your attention to these areas of being. Expand then these areas then to see them play in the screenplay of your life.

  • Examples:

  • All I have in store for you is every good thing

  • The entire cosmos seeks nothing less than your complete happiness

  • I am there, always there to remind you and to help you in everything you may need in every moment.

  • The more you look the more you will find these meanings of positive awareness.

  • Through repeated self discovery you will continue to find more and more opening filling the days of your life with happy times.

  • Monday, December 22, 2003

    The choice is yours each moment. That is the most difficult to understand and to take responsibility for. It is easiest to be on autopilot and let the world do you. When this happens however the inertia of time begins to weigh on the psyche and thoughts deteriorate without any light from within. Thughts then turn on themselves seeking to devour each other in an effort to prolong their existence, borrowing energy from each other until all are pulled down into steadily decreasing arcs of thought forms. It is here that the light, or the holy spirit must be actively called upon to promote the new thought forms which will eliminate the negative energy and promote and upward more fulfilled spiral of self renewing thought.

    Friday, December 19, 2003

    The thing is that we enter another reality when singing. It comes from joy and goes to joy. It is natural to aspire to keep this focus flow open and continuous.

    Thursday, December 18, 2003

    The following is a discussion of how the experience of joy transforms the stasis of mind into action of will.

    Joy is the response of the awakened self in moments of self revelation. What therefore is revealed is the unity underlying all and completely saturating all with the essence of itself.

    "Hear Oh Israel the Lord your God the Lord is One."

    Listen you that are always yourself to your inmost being which is God as yourself, this God being master and having dominion over all that is yourself. This mastery and complete extension of the light that is within you is the unity that is ever present.

    "All things are from One by the mediation of One...." Emerald Tablet of Hermes

    Unity operates from within itself. There is no separation. Every operation produces itself. Joy is the experience of the unity between creation and the experience of creation. It is the immersion into the thoughts in the mind of God. It is a feeling of quickening that comes about from being everywhere all at once.

    Joy is the natural state of being. It isn't just the state of apparent no thought or no mind that this induces but is rather the completion of thought, the fulfillment of mind that is its signature expression.

    Wednesday, December 17, 2003

    Emotions can be categorized in the usual way from sadness or deep longing, or despair into joy and then awe and beyond. What these represent tell us alot about the process of thinking and the manifestation of the related thought-forms.

    Emotions supercede thought. In many ways emotions are higher forms of thought. They are in effect the birthing of thought into its next level of reality.

    Monday, December 08, 2003

    Way out there.

    Mind provides the template using the higher functions of memory to produce an expanding universe. Will energizes or rather keeps the focus on the template so that even when transversing universes the integrity of the template is keep intact. This allows the gradual filling up of will inside of love. It isn't only the current awareness that is affected by the operation of will but it is the surrounding layers all in response to the certainty of the ripple effect of the wave form being reproduced endlessly until it dissipates it's energy. What if the energy never dissipates and continues on forever? This would be one way to unify with each moment experiencing the power of perfection first hand so to speak. Therefore as thoughts are revealed, their inherent nature and the direction into which they are going are also revealed. When the mind is unified with the will therein is the moment made present into eternity. At it here forms of being the intended thought form are called into being effortlessly. In this way completion comes before manifestation just as perception precedes identification.

    Friday, December 05, 2003

    I can see the purpose within that is calling me. What is surprising is that it has been here all along. What comes of this however is even more surprising and that is the letting go of time itself into the awareness of being in every moment. This in itself trains the mind about awareness itself and what it is like to be. Keeping to this pardigm affords every opportunity to listen for the next turn in the road as what I am is reflected back to me in waves of being here nowness.

    Thursday, December 04, 2003

    Again. There in front of me stepping into the very next moment. Not so far as to be in the future but just enough of a slight difference that it becomes as the moment in between two breaths. It duplicates itself in this way across the chasm of the unknown so that what was dark is now continuously light. The signs have been there of course all along in the phrases written into various musical compositions. "Just Around the Corner", "In the moment inbetween two breaths", "As July says goodbye to June", "its a place I used to go." The list literally could go on and on. A pattern is revealed. The sign was saved because it is recognized for being that which it always has been; the way to truth and love and life and understanding.

    Tuesday, December 02, 2003

    The only way to be completely in each moment is to let go of all anticipation. I used to think that there was a place where events evolved from going through a process much like our birth. However this would denote a time based phenomena which subject to decay would decay and never see the light of day. Now the current thinking is that what is spontaneously arises from where we are in our minds in terms of letting go of this or that. That being the case there is no need to plan for this or that only to become that which you are each time, every time. It accesses the ultimate power which resides inside the most penultimate timing of all. This timing neither looks back or forward. Like a musical phrase that is suggested one from the other, it proceeds accordingly. Concentration is the building of ones awareness around the locus of passing moment filling it with being. This being is yourself multiplied manyfold by the instantaneous recognition of thoughtforms coalescing into visible reality. There is no longer any waiting. No longer any delay. All is self sufficient unto itself. Exuberance is a natural outgrowth of this type of thinking because energy is released continually and not thwarted with time based blockages. Smoothly do we travel now along the path of life learning love, living spirits of constant calling, singing forth from moment to moment in the expression of the fullness of our living. This instrument that we are learning to play is ourselves. The chords struck within each moment, the sounding call of our song, the voices of our ever awakening awareness. Each time, each moment, each point is a designated area for renewal. It is a constant letting go with no holding on as experience flows in the direction of your thinking. A subtle process is evolved as the source is directed through the substance. Listening is what awareness does to open itself to this universal current. There are no half way measures as completion resolves itself all the way around. Purpose now reveals a hidden turn and as the awareness recognizes itself in everything that is all around it simulates its own flowing until from a distance it looks upon itself in amazement and awe knowing that at last unity has been established. It is from the certainty of these moments that we learn to move on not from moment to moment but from event horizon to event horizon. Seen in these terms there is the outpouring of thought into form in a recognizable cycle. Through recognition the process then becomes more easy to follow. The lines in effect get straighter. The leveling of the field is hereby established

    I bring this to myself from myself and thereby expand myself to include the greater good.

  • Will is raised to the level of love through the attention of awareness of continuity of purpose. Therefore is will defined from the lowest form of the ego's for the self alone wants and needs to the all embracing umbrella of loves sharing goodness through all.
  • There is no end to the extension of loves awareness. The realization that will is simply a beginning state of love frees the mind to focus on the directed purpose. When will is one-sided it cannot penetrate the veils of illusion because its ends do not meet in the all encompassing loci of the universe. When will then forms loves awareness in a spontaneous flow of understanding, then do all of the changes and manifestations occur as a part of the background and ensuing outflow of expansion which must take place because of loves extension of its awareness. The place resides in perfect repose as the light of filling now moves outward revealing all its wondrous glories.

  • Monday, December 01, 2003

  • Wherever your attention is focused, there all relationships are established. Be still as the flow of unity extends outward and all around you. How does something take form? Is it a building up or a sudden realization as to the exact nature of a thing? It would appear that this sudden realization is the key to all appearances both transitory and eternal.

  • The actual making of a thing is out of your hands. There are however makers of things. These are known as the Elohim, Beni Elohim, Djinn, Fairies, all those things out of our superconsciousness mind that have survived only in myth are quite real and do not reside as we do set in form yet destined for higher things. These beings or conglomerates of manifestation take their part from the intention of connection. More cannot be explained here in this manner due to the individual need to carry the plans according to life experience. Still know that you either use it or lose it. Energy is always conserved and deeply channeled into its highest form at any given moment. The connections or contacts that you seek go from within to without and are the basis for the instructions that are carried out not by demand or command but by love and assimilation of congruent effort.

  • Think now how close you are to the ultimate end of knowing who and what you are. Realize again how this makes all the difference in your state of mind as to what can and cannot be accomplished. The how and why are self given. Timing becomes a fluid expression of certainty that grows each moment of realization.
  • Bring about that upon which you are by returning to and remaining who you are. This and only this is captured in each moment of listening for the one. What is the one? It is the perception of the changelessness of now. Do not wait for the moment nor seek its coming. Simply reside where you are and let it be.

  • This will free you from all time related disturbance. Grow in this understanding letting it come to you in its own time. Relax the anticipation. There cannot be anything here but the peace of contentment.

  • Do not resist the form.

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