Thursday, December 18, 2003

The following is a discussion of how the experience of joy transforms the stasis of mind into action of will.

Joy is the response of the awakened self in moments of self revelation. What therefore is revealed is the unity underlying all and completely saturating all with the essence of itself.

"Hear Oh Israel the Lord your God the Lord is One."

Listen you that are always yourself to your inmost being which is God as yourself, this God being master and having dominion over all that is yourself. This mastery and complete extension of the light that is within you is the unity that is ever present.

"All things are from One by the mediation of One...." Emerald Tablet of Hermes

Unity operates from within itself. There is no separation. Every operation produces itself. Joy is the experience of the unity between creation and the experience of creation. It is the immersion into the thoughts in the mind of God. It is a feeling of quickening that comes about from being everywhere all at once.

Joy is the natural state of being. It isn't just the state of apparent no thought or no mind that this induces but is rather the completion of thought, the fulfillment of mind that is its signature expression.


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