Monday, December 08, 2003

Mind provides the template using the higher functions of memory to produce an expanding universe. Will energizes or rather keeps the focus on the template so that even when transversing universes the integrity of the template is keep intact. This allows the gradual filling up of will inside of love. It isn't only the current awareness that is affected by the operation of will but it is the surrounding layers all in response to the certainty of the ripple effect of the wave form being reproduced endlessly until it dissipates it's energy. What if the energy never dissipates and continues on forever? This would be one way to unify with each moment experiencing the power of perfection first hand so to speak. Therefore as thoughts are revealed, their inherent nature and the direction into which they are going are also revealed. When the mind is unified with the will therein is the moment made present into eternity. At it here forms of being the intended thought form are called into being effortlessly. In this way completion comes before manifestation just as perception precedes identification.


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