Tuesday, December 02, 2003

  • Will is raised to the level of love through the attention of awareness of continuity of purpose. Therefore is will defined from the lowest form of the ego's for the self alone wants and needs to the all embracing umbrella of loves sharing goodness through all.
  • There is no end to the extension of loves awareness. The realization that will is simply a beginning state of love frees the mind to focus on the directed purpose. When will is one-sided it cannot penetrate the veils of illusion because its ends do not meet in the all encompassing loci of the universe. When will then forms loves awareness in a spontaneous flow of understanding, then do all of the changes and manifestations occur as a part of the background and ensuing outflow of expansion which must take place because of loves extension of its awareness. The place resides in perfect repose as the light of filling now moves outward revealing all its wondrous glories.


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