Monday, December 01, 2003

  • Wherever your attention is focused, there all relationships are established. Be still as the flow of unity extends outward and all around you. How does something take form? Is it a building up or a sudden realization as to the exact nature of a thing? It would appear that this sudden realization is the key to all appearances both transitory and eternal.

  • The actual making of a thing is out of your hands. There are however makers of things. These are known as the Elohim, Beni Elohim, Djinn, Fairies, all those things out of our superconsciousness mind that have survived only in myth are quite real and do not reside as we do set in form yet destined for higher things. These beings or conglomerates of manifestation take their part from the intention of connection. More cannot be explained here in this manner due to the individual need to carry the plans according to life experience. Still know that you either use it or lose it. Energy is always conserved and deeply channeled into its highest form at any given moment. The connections or contacts that you seek go from within to without and are the basis for the instructions that are carried out not by demand or command but by love and assimilation of congruent effort.

  • Think now how close you are to the ultimate end of knowing who and what you are. Realize again how this makes all the difference in your state of mind as to what can and cannot be accomplished. The how and why are self given. Timing becomes a fluid expression of certainty that grows each moment of realization.

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