Tuesday, December 02, 2003

The only way to be completely in each moment is to let go of all anticipation. I used to think that there was a place where events evolved from going through a process much like our birth. However this would denote a time based phenomena which subject to decay would decay and never see the light of day. Now the current thinking is that what is spontaneously arises from where we are in our minds in terms of letting go of this or that. That being the case there is no need to plan for this or that only to become that which you are each time, every time. It accesses the ultimate power which resides inside the most penultimate timing of all. This timing neither looks back or forward. Like a musical phrase that is suggested one from the other, it proceeds accordingly. Concentration is the building of ones awareness around the locus of passing moment filling it with being. This being is yourself multiplied manyfold by the instantaneous recognition of thoughtforms coalescing into visible reality. There is no longer any waiting. No longer any delay. All is self sufficient unto itself. Exuberance is a natural outgrowth of this type of thinking because energy is released continually and not thwarted with time based blockages. Smoothly do we travel now along the path of life learning love, living spirits of constant calling, singing forth from moment to moment in the expression of the fullness of our living. This instrument that we are learning to play is ourselves. The chords struck within each moment, the sounding call of our song, the voices of our ever awakening awareness. Each time, each moment, each point is a designated area for renewal. It is a constant letting go with no holding on as experience flows in the direction of your thinking. A subtle process is evolved as the source is directed through the substance. Listening is what awareness does to open itself to this universal current. There are no half way measures as completion resolves itself all the way around. Purpose now reveals a hidden turn and as the awareness recognizes itself in everything that is all around it simulates its own flowing until from a distance it looks upon itself in amazement and awe knowing that at last unity has been established. It is from the certainty of these moments that we learn to move on not from moment to moment but from event horizon to event horizon. Seen in these terms there is the outpouring of thought into form in a recognizable cycle. Through recognition the process then becomes more easy to follow. The lines in effect get straighter. The leveling of the field is hereby established


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