Monday, December 29, 2003

  • It is in the final analysis the background of your thinking that determines each moment and the thoughts of that moment. The question always being asked is where is your inner eye focused upon? What are you looking at within? The subconsciousness is by its very nature hidden. It is our focus to uncover these hidden areas to make them see the light of day and to more aptly experience the focus of our thinking in terms of greater light revealed. As each layer of the subconsciousness is uncovered the light revealed awakens further hidden states until all is opened up throughout eternity. The background that is always resident but rarely recognized is the all abiding good. Throughout the day use phrases of affirmation to leave waypoints that will stimulate the awareness into more closely emulating the background all pervading goodness. As your affirmation emerge they can be fully structured into the introsphere of your thinking providing the feelings of peace and abundance that issue from your attention to these areas of being. Expand then these areas then to see them play in the screenplay of your life.

  • Examples:

  • All I have in store for you is every good thing

  • The entire cosmos seeks nothing less than your complete happiness

  • I am there, always there to remind you and to help you in everything you may need in every moment.

  • The more you look the more you will find these meanings of positive awareness.

  • Through repeated self discovery you will continue to find more and more opening filling the days of your life with happy times.


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