Thursday, September 28, 2006

Bahir 164

There is only one thing to do when you experience the Evil Urge, Turn aside from it and move. Let's see what else we can learn.

Verse 164. What does the Evil Urge gain? What is this like? A king appointed clerks over the lands of his kingdom, over his work and over his merchandise. Each and every thing had its clerk. There was one clerk in charge of the storehouse containing good food. Another was in charge of the storehouse containing stones. Everyone came to the storehouse containing good food. The clerk in charge of the storehouse of stones came and saw that people were only buying from the other [clerk]. What did he do? He sent his messengers to tear down the weak house [so that people would need stones to rebuild them]. They could not do so, however, to the strong ones. He said, "In the time that it takes to tear down one strong [house], you can tear down ten weak ones. People will then all come and buy stones from me, and I will not be inferior to the other." It is thus written (Jeremiah 1:14), "From the north will evil come forth, upon all the inhabitants of the earth." The verse then continues (Jeremiah 1:15) "For I call all the families of the kingdom of the north ­ says God ­ and they will come, and each one will place his throne at the opening of the gates of Jerusalem..." Evil will be their business, and the Evil Urge will also constantly strive. The word Satan means "turning aside," since he turns all the world aside to the balance of guilt. How is this indicated? It is written (Genesis 38:16) , "And he turned aside to her," and the Targum renders this VeSata, [ Satah being the root of Satan]. It is likewise written (Proverbs 4:15), "Turn aside (S'the) from it and pass on."

Commentary: Basically what this is saying is that when there is a weakness in your thinking in terms of what you are building your thoughtforms out of then the Evil Urge can come in and twist those thoughts to its own purpose. Thought must be directed and focused otherwise it will be misdirected deliberately in all kinds of unfocused non productive areas. The flash point of recognition comes when we begin to turn aside from the Lord our God and follow the pathways that the Evil Urge is promoting. When we follow the Lord our God our pathways are peaceful and good. Who is this Lord our God? It is the highest thought we can attain to in every moment. It is after all our good that beckons us and reminds us of everything that is the Lord our God. We remember by saying yes to our good. Words and explanations can be confusing since meanings are subject to attack by the Evil Urge at every moment. The sum total however, is that what we are thinking about is immediately affecting not only some future down the line events but it has a very real impact on our present mood and is the arbiter of our happiness in each moment.

Look at what happens during prayer. Prayer provides certainty for your expressions of purpose or intention. In prayer the Lord your God is praised. Why? For certainty so that you will come to know the certainty of your good, the certainty of your prayers being answered and the certainty of the constructions within of the holy temple wherein the Lord your God rules over your domain. In prayer we learn how to direct our thoughts and how to groove the certainty of the Lord your God. It is out of this certainty that can then come the statement of purpose and intention. What do we want? That is the purpose or intention. How do we get it? This is the Lord your God acting in ways seen and unseen. We are talking here about being on course. This is just the opposite of the Evil Urge that is misdirecting and always leading a course into chaos. That is what we must consider when the road bends and we are tempted to turn aside. The question must immediately be asked, 'where are we going and does this lead to our good? Then listen for the Lord your God to guide you. Listen for your good to guide and do not be led astray by the illusion of something rather than the reality of your heart's desire. The purpose of calling to your attention the Evil Urge is so that you will recognize it and then let it go keeping your focus on the Lord your God. You could translate the Lord your God here as 'your own best interests' meaning that if you follow the right way then your life will exhibit peace, harmony and fulfillment. If you choose to divide your forces by going this way in that way in response to the Evil Urge you will always be frustrated and disappointed.


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