Monday, May 15, 2006

St. Peter & The Rebate From Heaven

You never can tell what will inspire you on any given day.
Here is the story of St. Peter and the rebate from Heaven

St Peter was interviewing all the recently deceased one timeless day when suddenly there was a commotion near the middle of the line. St. Peter noted the personality and continued checking in the never ending line. Finally the person responsible for the commotion drew up in front of him.
"So what's all the fuss Faye," He asked the slender blonde all dressed in golden robes as was the fashion in heaven at this moment.
"I have a coupon. It says rebate for five years of life," She told him her hair flowing beautifully in the heavenly breeze.
"Hmm. Let's see that," St Peter took the coupon and turned it every which way. "Ah here is the problem. You see it has expired. You are way past the date on this coupon. This was given to you just in case you happened to meet your end before your time kind of like insurance. The angels used to hand them out all over until we discontinued the practice,"
"Excuse me, discontinued the practice. I just received this coupon a few months before well you know...," She implored.
"I'm sorry you see it says here we aren't responsible for administrative errors. Please you are holding up the line. After all this is heaven what could be so bad about this?" He said smiling angelically giving her back the coupon not knowing what else to do. Suddenly her face brightened and she asked,
"What time is it?"
"Don't be silly. There isn't any time in heaven. Everyone knows that. Haven't you read your orientation papers?" He responded looking just a little bit frazzled.

"Yes, yes no time. I know all about this. Time stopped when I arrived here right so how could I be late in presenting my coupon? Well what do you say?" She smiled and looked around her pleased by her quick thought and the shoes with emeralds stitched around the toes.

St. Peter looked up for a moment and then reached out for the rebate coupon. Then he began to laugh and reached out his hands to touch her.

"Have a nice rest of your life my dear. Sorry for the inconvenience." Faye disappeared and woke up in her bed still wearing the emerald shoes and golden robe. Her head was fuzzy clearing from the strangest dream. Wow she thought to herself, that must have been some night.


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